10 Insanely Talented Montreal Producers You Need To Know Right Now

If you don't know them yet you ain't no real Montrealer.
10 Insanely Talented Montreal Producers You Need To Know Right Now

Montreal's music scene is growing exponentially. We have seen, in the last years, many artists such as Kaytranada pierce the industry on a international level.

Our city is quickly becoming a prolific dot on the industry's map, it is extremely interesting to see which producer is having an influence outside of our walls and how talented they are.


Young montrealer who enjoys staying under the radar, Kiddbuu has quite the prolific Soundcloud. With only a few tracks released and already thousands of fans, Montreal must expect much from the cloud producer and experienced rapper.


Jamvvis actually just moved to Montreal. The laval resident has been playing music since the young age and he's all about it. Catch Jamvvis performing in the dopest venues of the city.

Robert Robert

It's been quite some time Robertx2 has released music, we're however still jamming heavily to the awesome sounds of his newest EP "Not Self Titled".


Photo cred - Monsiieur

High Klassified

Signed by Fools Gold Records in 2013-2014, the artist just released an EP called Kronostatis which was defintely worth the wait. With his crew, High Klassified promotes his home town Laval through projects with, for example, the boutique Off The Hook.


At this point we're really hoping you know who Kaytra is. The young producer from St-Hubert has gone famous with his tasty remixes. With over 200 000 fans, Kaytranada makes the grand region of Montrreal quite proud.


Signed by Fools Gold Records like his friend High Klassified, Shash'u travels the world through his music. A powerful DJ with even better produced beats.

Planet Giza

Planet Giza is a collective of producers currently killing it. The collective is formed by three producers, Tony Stone, Rami B & Dumix. With a little touch of funk in their wonderful beats, you definitely need to take a listen.


Under the creative agency Saintwoods, WYLN's latest appearance in the digital production world, "coughing hurts" , was a track produced in collaboration with Jamvvis, young Montreal producer mentionned above. The track is such a great example of amazing talents coming together to create beautiful music in Montreal.


Photo cred - Yen Dough

Yen Dough

Completely new in the scene and with only one performance, the young producer of 17 years old Yen Dough from the collective Yen Gang is taking giant steps to conquer the music industry.


One of Montreal's most popular producer, Lunice has been everywhere for the past year. Closing on 100 000 followers on Soundcloud, the young producer is known for his extremely intense live performances.

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