10 Terrasses In Montreal You Need To Check Out For Day Drinking With Friends

Chill and enjoy the sunset.
10 Terrasses In Montreal You Need To Check Out For Day Drinking With Friends

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Ah, summer in Montreal! What's better than sitting on a terrasse with your friends, enjoying a cold beer? I literally do not think there is anything better on this Earth. Plus Montreal's terrasses literally cannot be beat. 

And like any other Montrealer, my favourite way to spend the summer is on the hottest terrasses in the city, vibing and enjoying the beautiful summer sunsets. I know a terrasse is legit when it has amazing drinks, Corona beer, chill vibes, and most importantly, that killer sunset view that cannot be beat! 

What makes a terrasse even more fun? Drinking during the day! Yup! Getting tanned and sipping on a cold refreshing Corona is the best thing to do to immediately transport me into tropical vacation mode. And if you're down to get your day drink on with some of your favourite brews and favourite views, worry not: we've got your back!


Gingko has such a beautiful interior aesthetic; inside, it looks like some sort of beautiful garden... and the terrasse is no different! On this terrasse, you can expect beautiful plants, lots of open air and natural light, gorgeous views of the city - and a great location downtown.

This downtown cafe/restaurant/bar totally has you covered, whatever you want - from cappuccinos to brunch, to an ice cold beer while basking in the sunset with your squad!

Le Sky

Alright, if you want beautiful views to transport you into a peaceful state of mind, look no further than this Gay Village staple. Sky is literally always an amazing choice, and if you've ever been here, you know exactly why!

The main area is a club, but the rooftop has its very own terrasse overlooking the city - and naturally, it catches some of the best views just as the sun is going down. Kick back with some friends and a Corona, soak in the good vibes and enjoy what our beautiful is known for!

Dirty D

Dos cervezaspor favor! (That's Spanish for two beers please, for you uni-linguals out there). The South Shore's Dirty D straight up transports you right to a Mexican beach... and honestly, you'll never want to go back to the real world.

Delicious authentic Mexican cuisine and drinks galore. And I'm talking the real deal here; no tex-mex. You'll leave feeling muy bien!

Casino De Montreal

Okay, so when you think of terrasses in Montreal, the Casino might not right away come to mind. But don't be so quick to judge - the Casino terrasse is actually awesome.

They have some of the best food and drink deals in the city and the terrasse is huge which is perfect for a big group of friends!

Burrito Borracho

Another authentic Mexican hot spot, Burrito Borracho is a hidden gem that all Montrealers should check out at least once. Their food is LEGIT and delicious, plus their drinks? Yeah. The perfect things to sip on if you want to be literally transported into all the beauty and good vibes that the summer has to offer!

And their terrasse is so adorable! It's usually not too busy, so it's a great place to catch-up with friends with a cold beer while soaking in the rays.


An "Asian street food" bar and terrasse, Le Grenade has a unique vibe that is worth seeing for yourself. Part urban hangout and part paradise-like oasis, there's no doubt that Grenade is the place to be to soak in those summer vibes with a cool beer and an even cooler group of friends.

Plus the food is AMAZING - like, drool worthy delicious, and the twinkly lights lit up terrasse has such a chill, peaceful outdoor feel.

Don B Comber

Don B Comber is a classic hang out that is pretty well known in Montreal, but their terrasse is definitely underrated.

The club inside is definitely the spot to check out for a wild night out with your friends - but their rooftop terrasse? Absolutely gorgeous, and the perfect spot to day drink with friends while basking in all the city has to offer. With really cool decor and great staff, this is definitelyone of my favorites on the list!

Madame Smith

With an awesome selection of drinks and cocktails, everyone in your day-drinking crew will find something perfect for them at this Ontario Street spot!

One of the nicer spots on the list, Madame Smith is perfect for any occasion: dressing up and celebrating an event, chilling with the crew, or simply just getting together to bask in the sun and Montreal's signature summer vibes. Plus the prices are still super reasonable; and the views from the terrasse are kind of breathtaking!


Is there any better combination than tapas and a cold Corona? Sure there is! Tapas and a cold Corona... enjoyed on Barraca's glorious terrasse!

Not only has Barraca got good food and good brews, but their terrasses are the stuff of legends. Yup, you read that right: Barraca's got two beautiful terrasses for you to vibe on with your crew - one in the front and a more "hidden" one in the back. So crack one open and enjoy!

Le Delice

This spot is actually located in Quebec City, but trust: this place is worth the trek! Great food, great ambiance and of course great refreshing beers.

This terrasse has an awesome view of the city - and later on, it turns more into a club during the night... so you know the beats are gonna be good!

Let the good vibes, gorgeous views and cold brews transport you from the hustle and bustle of your daily life to something even better: summer in Montreal!

Any way you put it, day drinking with friends on one of Montreal's beautiful terrasses while enjoying the warm sunset and an ice cold Corona is the recipe for a perfect summer in Montreal!

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