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10 Things Every Good Boyfriend Needs To Know About Sephora

If we are to date, take note!
10 Things Every Good Boyfriend Needs To Know About Sephora

Alright, friends, we did it. We got through the holidays. Don't rejoice just yet, though: there's still Valentine's Day just around the corner. I know, I know, you think it's still super far - but it's not. And if you're being slack about getting on that gift... well, maybe get on that. And what better place to get on that than at Montreal's Sephora?

Guys of Montreal, if you're too scared to venture into Sephora to get that special gift, don't worry. We've got your back.

1. You can get basically anything for free, as a sample.

So if you pick up a bunch of perfume samples, she can pick the one she likes the best and you can get it for your next occasion. Perfect Valentine's gift, anyone?

2. Makeup palettes are super popular right now.

And Sephora has, like, hundreds of them. Okay, maybe not hundreds exactly - but you'll definitely find all the best ones right over there. The Naked Smoky palette is a great start.

3. There are many vegan and/or cruelty-free makeup options.

Makeup that doesn't test on animals? Heck to the yes. If your partner is especially socially conscious, yet still addicted to makeup, you know you need to head to Sephora. (Also check out when and where Sephora's history started in Montreal!)

4. You can return lightly-used products for store credit.

Sephora is generally pretty nice about accepting returned products that have been used once or twice, you know, in case you totally mess up on your partner's favourite palette.

5. It's probably the safest bet for gifts.

If you do your homework and check what your girl has in your makeup arsenal, you'll be able to find whatever she loves at Sephora. If you're free handing it, though, a Sephora gift card is the equivalent of pure happiness.

6. There are often hidden sales inside the store.

Sometimes, they don't advertise about certain sale items, meaning that you might have to venture inside the store to find out when you'll get the most bang for your buck.

7. There are things for guys, too.

Sephora is full of perfumes and products for men, meaning that you can pick yourself up a little something while shopping for that special someone.

8. If you sign up for their rewards program, you can get free makeup on your birthday.

Feel free to sign up for your own rewards card, too, just in case your girl really loves that free gift.

9. Sephora's makeup artists will give you a makeover with that product you've been eyeing.

Which basically makes Sephora the best place for a date, ever. Think about it: your partner gets to try out that new contour kit you had no idea she wanted, and you get to gift it to her. Foolproof gift, friend. Foolproof gift.

10. Every girl is addicted to Sephora. Know that as a good boyfriend.

Okay, maybe not every girl, but most girls would definitely equate a trip to Sephora with the shopping spree of the year.

Check out Sephora on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for more info and gift ideas.

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