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10 Things Every Montreal Girl In Her 20s Worries About

Struggles on struggles on struggles.
10 Things Every Montreal Girl In Her 20s Worries About

It always amazes me how alike we all are. Girls from different backgrounds, cultures, races still go through very similar struggles throughout their lives. Living in Montreal is wonderful, but it definitely has its ups and downs.

Twenties are a crucial time period where a significant amount of life's most important decisions are made. So here are ten things every Montreal girl in her twenties worries about at some point.

1. How am I going to afford school?

Montreal universities are quite expensive. In addition, you need to pay for books, rent, food, clothing... You also want to have a social life and go out every once in a while. How is this even possible? The struggle is real.

2. WTF am I doing with my life?

That feeling you get half way through law school when you realize that you freaking hate law... brutal. What now? There are lots of options you can choose from: working at McDonald's, becoming a stripper, etc. Law school it is.

3. Is he "the one"?

You meet a guy and immediately think if you can see yourself with him in the future. Will your parents like him? Is he good with kids? Ughhh...

4. Where should we go eat?

You're having a group chat with your girlfriends and trying to figure out where to go eat tonight. Do you want to go for sushi or for something more greasy? Do you want to go out after? It's one of the longest text conversations you're ever going to have in your life.

5. Should I cut my bangs?

No, you shouldn't! You'll regret your decision as soon as you cut them.

6. Will this cupcake make me fat?

Every Montreal girl worries about weight. Whether you want to gain or lose weight, the outcome is the same - you question your food intake choices on a daily basis. Most of the time, you just give into temptation and decide that proper diet will start Monday.

7. What should I wear?

Montreal weather is so bipolar, you never really know how to dress. It can be freezing cold in the morning and then ridiculously hot during the day.

8. Should I go out or stay in and watch Netflix?

If you go out, you'll spend money, make bad decisions and be hungover the next day. Yep, you should definitely go out.

9. Who's going to pay for dinner?

When you're out on a date with a new guy, the bill arrives and you're there thinking, "Should I offer to split the bill? I'm so broke though!"

10. Why am I living in a city where the air hurts my face?

Why are Montreal winters so freaking cold?!?! As soon as you step outside, your face hurts. Literally. It's ridiculous.

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