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10 Things Every Student Should Have In Their Montreal Apartment

Photo cred - Miraculous Magnetism

Moving into an apartment or residence is quite the process, and if it's your first space outside of your family's home, you're probably going to experience some mild separation anxiety. Not because you're going to miss your parents or siblings or anything, you're just going to realize how your fully equipped your house was with every amenity you would ever need.

If you are a student and getting ready for your first experience of living alone in Montreal, there's one student residency that knows how to host everyone. Evo Montreal is hosting TWO block parties this week, and if your looking into getting a place in one of their residencies, you should definitely attend! Check out evo Vieux-Montréal on Thursday, August 14th and evo Centre-Ville on Friday, August 15th.

A student apartment will never be on the same level of convenience as your parents' house, but it can get pretty close with the right accouterments. If you live or plan to live in a student residence such as evo Montreal, then you already know that most of the amenities are provided (furniture, gym, pool, etc...). But of course, there are always those small things that every student can't live without, and are unfortunately not provided.

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For everything, always. You already know this is essential to all meals, but just make sure its on the top of your grocery list during your first shop at Provigo, because a meal without Sriracha is a meal not worth eating. To keep things exciting, try these Sriracha-Montreal food combos.

A Habs Jersey

Not really necessary during the regular hockey season, but if the Canadiens make it to the playoffs, you should have a jersey in your apartment just in case any riots break out near your street. Having a jersey on will ensure no one hassles you and you can partake in the hockey-festivities without looking like a poser.

À la Carte Express Menu

Let's face it, if you're mom or dad has been cooking most of your meals, chances are you aren't too skilled in the kitchen. So you aren't stuck eating KD every night, grab an À la Carte Express menu or head to the website to get Montreal resto-made food delivered right to your door. The number of offered restaurants is pretty extensive, with even the renowned Romados making the list.

Photo cred - Lou Noble

A Fan

Summer gets mega-muggy, and even if you're just arriving in September, it can still get incredibly hot in a small apartment. Head to Canadian Tire, Home Depot, or one of these spots to grab some air circulation, and you should do it early. The mass influx of students near the end of August/early September create a shortage of fans across the island, so get on it first.

A Drying Rack

Paying to wash and dry your clothes can get a little pricey, and you're obviously trying to save as much as you can for your bar tab, so invest in a drying rack to mitigate laundry costs.

A "Delivery Service" Number

A Space Heater

Winter gets cold, like really, really cold. Everything you've heard about Montreal winters is not an exaggeration, and although every apartment has/should have working heating, it pays to have a space heater. Keeping your room toasty will be a lot easier, and that way you don't have to pay for heating the entire apartment, especially if your roomies aren't keen on keeping the place like an oven.

A Deck of Cards

Sometimes your internet will clonk out and you'll need to entertain yourself somehow, so play a game of cards. That, or just have them on hand for whenever you and your pals predrink with a game of Kings, or have a poker night.

Photo cred - Hungry Belly


All university students love and live off of hummus, which is especially true if you're vegetarian. Have friends over? Put out some hummus with carrots and pita and you're set. Fontaine Santé is the go-to Montreal brand, but if you're looking for some next-level hummus, check out ART:Brgr on St. Denis or any of these spots.

Rights and Obligations of Tenants and Landlords from Regie du Logement

Print out and laminate the tenant and landlord versions, post it somewhere in your apartment, and use it as a reference for the entirety of your lease. That way, even if you have a crazy landlord, you can smack the law in their face to shut them up. Find both documents here. If you live in a student residency like evo Montreal, you probably won't run into any trouble, but still, it's good to know what you are and aren't allowed to do at 4 o'clock in the morning.

Bonus: Netflix

Make sure to get your family's account before you move in, so you never need to pay to stream anything :) If you don't want to go through the hassle of purchasing ALL your own amenities, we definitely suggest checking out evo Montreal, a student residency with a location downtown and in the Old Montreal. While living at evo Montreal, you can expect to have almost of all your needs provided, from furniture to having access to a 24hr gym and a fully heated pool as well as indoor bistros and restaurants- we all know much Montrealers avoid leaving indoors during the winter time!