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10 Things Girls Think About On The First Date

Like is he my future husband?
10 Things Girls Think About On The First Date

Going out with a guy for the first time can be a tricky and nerve-wracking experience. Everything counts: the way you look, behave, talk and even smell. It's basically like you're at a job interview, but worse. You'll probably spend way too much time preparing for and thinking about that date. The key is to relax and try not to over-analyze everything - which is obviously much easier said than done though.

If you think preparing for the date is the most stressful part, you're wrong, my friend. The date itself is even more ridiculous. Let's see what goes through a girl's mind while she's out on a date with a new guy.

1. Do I still look good?

She left the house looking fabulous, with her perfect hair and flawless make up. However, you're now halfway through the dinner and she's wondering if anything is stuck in her teeth and how to get that lump of sauce out of her hair without you noticing.

2. Am I making any sense?

As she goes on and on about her job, hobbies and friends drama, she is thinking to herself - WTF am I talking about? Is he going to think I'm weird? Did I say too much? I shouldn't have told him about my EX, dammit. She really wants to make a good impression.

3. What is he looking for?

Please, guys, make yourself clear - are you looking for a relationship or just a random hookup? Keep us informed, it will make our lives so much easier. Otherwise, we'll break our heads trying to over analyze everything you said and did during the date. Like, he told me I looked nice, he is definitely interested in a long-term commitment. Definitely.

4. Do I like him?

As you're telling her another story of how hilarious your friends are, she probably doesn't even hear half the things you're saying because she's thinking to herself - do I actually like him? He seems funny and interesting. He's hot too. I think I like him. Or not. I don't know. Oh, crap, he just asked me something and I have no idea what we were talking about.

5. What should I order?

He told me to pick something from the wine list... Do I ask him in what price range? I can't ask him that! How do I know what's appropriate to order? I'll tell him to order something instead. Are we going to split the bill? Will he get offended if I do the famous "let me get my wallet" move when the bill arrives?

6. What happens after the date?

Is he going to try to kiss me? If he doesn't try to kiss me, does it mean he didn't like me? Should I kiss him first? Will he think I'm a giant slut if I invite him over for a quick drink? Ughhhh...

7. Will he want to see me again?

I wonder if he's going to send me the "I had fun with you, would love to see again" type of message after we're done. I want him to want to see me again. I am going to check my phone every 2 minutes to see if I got a message from him. Brilliant idea! Should I just text him first? I will not text him first.

8. Does he even like me?

It seemed like he liked me a lot. Well, maybe not. He never actually said he liked me... I should stop being so insecure, of course he liked me. Or not. Should I straight up ask him if he liked me? That would be weird.

9. Is he over his EX?

He mentioned his EX a couple of times, maybe he's still in love with her. Oh man, please, let it not be one of those. They broke up over a year ago, why the hell is he still bringing her up? I wonder if she's pretty. I'll stalk her on Facebook and, possibly, Instagram. OMG, her profile is not private, YAAAAS! Dammit, she's hot.

10. Is he my future husband?

Imagine if I end up marrying this guy. What will our kids look like? Why the hell am I thinking about this? We only had ONE date! I'll go watch the Notebook and cry now. OMG he just texted me! Thank you LORD!

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