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10 Things To Be Aware Of When Habs Fans Riot Downtown Montreal

Win or lose it'll probably happen, so be prepared.
10 Things To Be Aware Of When Habs Fans Riot Downtown Montreal

Photo cred - Anirudh Koul

Game 7 can go either way, and a likely situation, no matter who wins: Habs fans will go nuts. Either the city will be rocketed into jovial pandemonium because the Canadiens won, or Montreal will be consumed with rage for losing. The reason doesn't matter much, but the end result is basically the same.

We're not, of course, promoting the crazy-window-smashing-tear-gas-inducing violent kind of rioting, we just realize it could happen. Hopefully things will be kept tame, and any "rioting" will just be Habs fans showing some intense pride in their team in the streets...hopefully.

To get you prepared for this very likely eventuality, here are some helpful hints for when Habs fans break out into a riotous frenzy:

1. Beware All Things Bruins

On a regular day, wearing anything with a Bruins logo is a bad idea, and you're putting yourself in some real danger if you dare to wear a Bruins hat, jersey, or even undies (Habs fans can smell it!) tonight. Don't be silly, and put the bears gear into hibernation until things calm down.

2. Get On Some Habs Swag

Simply not wearing Bruins clothing may not be enough. You have to make sure fans know you're on their side, and that can only be done by physically showing your pride by wearing any form of Habs paraphernalia.

3. Know The Hot Spots

With the mass concentration of Montrealers watching the game at the Bell Centre, you know that's where shit is going to go down. Major bar-spots like Crescent, St. Laurent, St. Denis, and St. Cats will be the same. Expect large crowds marching, cheering, and getting seriously rowdy in these areas, which could be what you're looking for.

4. Get Underground

If you want to really avoid all the commotion, then it might be best to hide out in the metro or the underground network. Busy streets will be flooded with fans, who may have turned into rioters at this point, so play it safe below ground.

5. Stay Away From The SAQ

Lets be real here people, if things devolve into the deviant kind of riot, the first thing that's gonna get sacked is the SAQ. No matter the rage-levels, Montrealers love their liquor, and SAQ windows are the most likely target to get smashed. Stay the hell away if you don't want to get cut with broken glass, trampled over for a bottle of Grey Goose, or arrested just by being nearby, 'cuz the police know its a likely target too.

6. Make A Riot-Safety Pal

Strength is in numbers, and if you want to stay safe then you may want a partner. The buddy system always works, and having someone watch your back is always a good idea. Even a rando could work, because, as everyone knows, riot-friendships are deep bonds founded on trust and mutual respect.

7. Spot Your Troublemakers/Waste-Cases

Anyone watching the game will almost certainly be full of all forms of alcohol, but there will be some who consumer a little too much drank, and get more than rowdy before the game even ends. The outcome will probably then take their boisterous drunk to whole new levels, and they'll probably be the first to start any sort of trouble in the streets. Luckily, these types are easy to spot, so try to stay out of their way.

8. Avoid The Po At All Costs

We know what happens when Montreal's riot police get involved: bitches get beat with batons and spewed with pepper sprayed, with a little tear gas in the mix. Even for as noble a cause as the Habs winning, the riot po-po will show no special treatment, so if you spot 'em, you best turn around.

9. Do Tweet And Instagram

We're going to need some photo evidence of the events and all the high-spirited action, so why not let everyone in on the fun with some social media? Plus, you'll be making our lives easier when we do a "Best Tweets & Photos" post about game 7 tomorrow :)

10. Don't Park Your Car Downtown

Do you love your car? Do you rely on it on a daily basis? Then be smart and don't park it anywhere near the Bell Centre, a sports bar, or anywhere downtown. Park near a metro station and just grab it later in the evening, when the danger of your car getting flipped by riotous fans has subsided.

Are you pumped for Game 7?

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