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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Moved Into A Montreal University Residence

What can I say about res? Well it is definitely an experience, that's for sure. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Everyone has their stories of what it was like to live in res, but really you're not going to know the deal until you get there. That being said, I feel like I could've avoided a little bit of conflict if I had just known these few things before entering the trenches.

1. Don't Listen To The Off Limits List

If you're going to take one thing away from this article, let it be this: THE OFF LIMITS LIST IS BULL$HIT. I don't know if I would've survived first year if I didn't have my kettle. Or a carpet for that matter. I'm not saying to be stupid and bring a chainsaw into your dorm room, but some of the stuff on that list is just silly. Use common sense, leave the pyrotechnics at home and bring the immersion blender.

2. How Uncomfortable The Beds Would Be

Seriously, they are awful. Concrete is better. My suggestion would be to get a mattress pad. It doesn't completely get rid of the problem but it does make a difference. ALSO, bring a mattress case, you don't know who or what has slept on that mattress before you.

Photo cred - francismckee

3. Your Room Is A Public Space

No matter how hard you try, your room is going to be a public space. Especially if you have a roommate. You can be as respectful as the day is long, but people will still find their way into your room. It's better just to accept it. An air mattress is a good investment if you have a lot of people crashing at your place. Or maybe opt for a single room if you're uncomfortable with the idea...

4. Mini Fridges Are Key

You may eat most of your meals at the caf, but it's still important to have some snack food in your room. Otherwise you'll be spending all your money on take out whenever your stomach growls. If you have an option to pay an extra $50 for it, I say do it. Even if it ends up just storing yogurt and beer, you're still going to save.

5. Desks Are A Waste Of Space

Studying isn't really something you do in res. That's what the library is for. So don't bring a desk, unless you need a station to play League or organize your drug cartel. Save the money, save the space.

6. Flip Flops Are Friends

Res is gross. Wear flip flops everywhere you go. Trust me.

7. Hook - Up Protocol

People in residence are generally considered adults within the eyes of the law, however when it comes to relationships, you might as well be in middle school. My advice is to just be smart about it. Wear protection. Try not to make it unnecessarily uncomfortable if you can help it. And know that floorcest is real and never a good idea.

Photo cred - fyeahcooldormrooms

8. Furniture Is Meant To Be Moved

The way the furniture is set up when you move in is generally... unaesthetic. Make the room your own. Move stuff around, take some tips from Pinterest, be creative.

9. Save What You Can


I'll be honest, by the end of the year, you're going to be broke af. So after you blow 75% of your savings during the first week, try and save what you can. Tolerate the food at the caf, don't buy any new clothes, buy 40's of Budlight. It may suck at the time, but your hydro bills will thank you for it later.

10. Everything Is Temporary

You may be one of those people who hate res from the get - go. But everyone is sick of it by the end. Residence is essentially a glorified camp ground. A blur even. It's only a year and then you're out and can deal with the horrors of living in a student apartment. Yay.

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