10 Things Montreal Gets Incredibly Right

Time to stop hating and start celebrating.

Photo cred - Mario Jean

Focusing on the negative aspects of Montreal is just a downer, and with the maelstrom of controversy known as the provincial elections in our rear view windows, it's time to get back to what makes Montreal awesome.

Inspired by this article on Japan, we thought Montreal deserved to have its epic aspects showcased.

An ode to all things great about our city, here are 10 things Montreal does gets incredibly right.

1. Super Student Friendly

Cheap rent, affordable food, a huge nightlife scene, oh, and lets not forget the five universities to choose from, all make Montreal the perfect place for a student to live.

2. Food Culture

Somehow Montrealers have reached the golden ratio between loving food and looking good. Montreal's food culture is incredibly unique, with an amalgamation of cultural cuisines, with both high class and drunchie offerings, to please everyone's palate without retracting from the hotness of the population.

3. Bagel

It ends there...!

4. Festivals

Osheaga, Fantasia, Oysterfest, Jazzfest, Just for Laughs, the list can go on and on. Montreal is Canada's king of festivals, with a huge event for nearly every niche. Festivals aren't only seen in the summer either, which brings me to my next point...

5. Winter

Yes, Montreal's winter is long, awful, and won't seem to go away this year, but at least the city knows how to enjoy the snowy season. Citizens flock to Mount Royal to toboggan, people play hockey out and indoors, and lets not forget about the epic winter jam that is Igloofest. If any city gets winter incredibly right, it sure as hell is Montreal.

6. Weed Culture

Some American states may have beaten us to legalization, but no one can ignore Montreal's incredibly lax stance on cannabis. No, it isn't legal, although you wouldn't be able to tell any Sunday at Tam Tams. Smoking bud is a city-wide pastime, and as long as you're not an idiot about it, you won't get in any trouble. An awesome setup.

7. Dep's

Montrealers take their corner depanneurs for granted. Only a few hours away in Ontario, people have to go to special stores to buy a case of beer, that are literally named "The Beer Store." Here, we get to pickup chips, ice cream, a six-pack and a bottle of wine all in one place, and it is magical.

8. Public Transport

We all may hate on the STM every once in a while, until we go to another city and realize just how shitty their public transit system is. Despite some delays, Montreal's metro system is world class, the buses go almost everywhere, and we even have bikes to take around in the summer, at least for one more season. Plus students get crazy good discounts.

9. Graffiti

Unlike other cities who denounce their urban art, Montreal welcomes graffiti with open arms, and actively celebrates the artform. The many murals gracing the city's buildings are testaments to this fact, as are city-sanctioned events like Muralfest. It's a two-in-one way to beautify the city and increase its global street cred.

10. Poutine

Fries, cheese, and gravy. Need I say more?