10 Things Montreal Guys Should Start Doing Again

Being a gentleman is a question of choice.
10 Things Montreal Guys Should Start Doing Again

After dating quite a bit in Montreal, I realized that there are certain things that guys just stopped doing for some reason... Whether it's because of the rise of feminism or any other particular reason, I don't really care - being a gentleman is still fucking hot. It really shouldn't offend anyone. There are a bunch of things that can take you from a basic guy level to prince charming *panty drop* level in no time. I'm just helping out, so, like, stay calm, mmmkay? If this article offends you, check out some of the other stuff I write here, you'll freak out even more.

1. Carry heavy stuff

It doesn't have to be a girl you're sexually interested in. Help out your coworker who's trying to carry something super heavy through the office and observe her reaction. She'll literally melt in front of your eyes. Women in Montreal are not spoiled with his kind of attention.

2. Mind your manners

For example, don't talk with your mouth full, that's just gross. Bonus points if you know how to actually use utensils at a restaurant. You'll be surprised how many people are not about that life.

3. Open doors

Yes! Open doors! It's so hot. If you open a car door your lady, holy fuck, you're perfect.

4. Give flowers

There doesn't have to be a special occasion for this. Just give women flowers. They're pretty, they smell good, they just make life better. Surprise her with a special delivery at her office or something and see what happens... <3

5. Walk closest to a curb

Most girls pay attention to these little things.

6. Give compliments

Give compliments sincerely and a lot! It doesn't cost anything and even if it doesn't work out between the two of you, you'll leave her with the sweetest memories ever. You'll be that "amazing guy" she'll talk about to her girlfriends.

7. Give her your jacket

Oh, don't underestimate this classic move. It shows that you want to take care of her and that, my friend, is going to help you close the deal.

8. Make reservations

Pick a restaurant, make that reservation and tell her when you're going to pick her up. Boom, done! None of that, "We should chill sometime" bullshit.

9. Help her with her coat

When you're at a coat check, help her put her coat back on. OMG, that move is going to get you a shit ton of bonus points. Guys, seriously, take notes.

10. Be punctual

It's so easy, just be on time. Even better if you get there a bit earlier and text her something like, "I'm waiting outside. Take your time." So. Hot.

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