10 Things Montreal Men Wear That Women Hate

Sandals and white socks...
10 Things Montreal Men Wear That Women Hate

Honestly, men should be able to wear anything they want... BUT! Some things they wear make women cringe, gag and cry simultaneously. Certain fashion statements men opt for are best to be avoided if they want to meet females and get laid eventually. Why do women care about clothes, you ask? Because your wardrobe is an extension of your personality. It tells us what kind of person you are. You might say something like, "Haters gonna hate", but the reality is - haters are hating for all the right reasons in this particular situation. If you own anything from the list below, you know what to do - throw. it. out. ASAP.

1. Anything Ed Hardy

Stay away from this brand unless you're a professional boxer and you're sponsored by Ed Hardy or something... there is no other logical reason to be wearing any of this.

2. Douchebag sunglasses

They make you look like a douche... especially this particular model displayed on the photo above. There are so many wonderful sunglasses to choose from in the world, please look into it.

Photo cred - Redonline

3. Sandals (and socks?!)

Why??? Sandals alone are pretty bad, but sandals AND white socks? It's a deadly combination.

4. Deep V-Necks

Deep v necks scream, "Look at me! I'm an asshole." Do you want the world to know how big of an asshole you are? If your answer is "yes", go for the deep V.

5. Fedora hats

You're trying to be fashionable, aren't you? Stop.

6. Crocs

Nobody can pull off Crocs. Not even a rockstar, model or hot celebrity... Nobody!

7. Fake designer clothes

You want to trick people into thinking that you're rich? Nice try.

Photo cred - Galleryhip

8. T-Shirts with weird quotes

Stay away from t-shirts with quotes altogether, okay? Good.

9. Really short shorts

You see, the guy on the photo is quite handsome, yet the shorts still look weird af. Uncomfortably short shorts are a very questionable fashion statement.

10. UGGs

UGGs are horrible for both men and women. So please, just don't do it.

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