10 Things Montreal's Mayor Denis Coderre Has Done Incredibly Right

Quite possibly the best mayor Montreal has ever had.
10 Things Montreal's Mayor Denis Coderre Has Done Incredibly Right

Photo cred - Paul Chiasson for THE CANADIAN PRESS

There are forgettable mayors, the ones that come and go into and out of office without anyone really noticing or caring, then there are the mayors who make big splashes and get everyone's attention. Denis Coderre is definitely a mayor of the latter category. Yes, Rob Ford could count too, but thankfully our mayor made his mark in a much more professional and beneficial manner.

We have a collective man-crush on Coderre here at MTL Blog, and while we've covered things Coderre has done right a while back, the Montreal mayor just keeps on making waves, so we thought we'd show our appreciation once again with 10 more things Denis Coderre has done incredibly right as the mayor of Montreal.

Even if you're not the biggest Coderre-er, you can't deny he's been a magnetic and magnanimous mayor thus far. Keep reading if you still need convincing.

1. More Food Trucks For Everyone

Montreal's obsession with food trucks is still alive and well, only some features of the pilot project aren't too appealing, like how the food trucks are only available downtown and are slightly overprices. Coderre, food-loving man that he is, openly said both these problems need to be fixed, with food trucks rolling out in all of the city's boroughs, with cheaper offerings too. More food is always better.

2. Tweeting Everything

Montreal's mayor is more active on Twitter than most of the MTL Blog staff, myself included. No opportunity to tweet is missed by Coderre, from random findings during travels to hockey to personal thank yous to humble Montrealers. Doesn't seem like much, but having a municipal leader who is so accessible and active on social media helps to bridge the gap between the public and city officials. Follow the mayor @DenisCoderre

3. 6am Bars

You knew this was going to make the list. Any man who is willing to increase the maximum opening hours of bars a full three hours is awesome in our books. Even if (a very big "if" here) there was a sketchy deal behind the whole thing, still worth it.

4. Expos

Any mayor of Montreal needs to be a hockey fan, but finding out Coderre is a baseball supporter was a welcome surprise. Despite the money that would need to be invested, Coderre wants the Expos back, and judging from how Coderre gets things done like a boss, some hope for Montreal's baseball team has glimmered back into being.

5. Gaining Special Status For Montreal

Montreal is a special entity in Quebec, something the city understands about itself but the provincial government had yet to fully recognize. Thanks to Coderre, Montreal will be granted "special status," as promised by the new Liberal government. No one really knows what "special" status will entail (hopefully some of these points) but thanks to Coderre, Montreal is well on its way into gaining more autonomy and decision-making powers.

6. Eurotripping

You may not have heard Montreal's mayor has gone on a Eurotrip, and not to party and get wasted (well, maybe a little) but to globally promote Montreal. Coderre is going on a Euro-tour to reestablish Montreal as a cosmopolitan city in a worldwide context. If anyone can do it, Coderre can.

7. Calling Out Election Leaders

Remember the tense days of the provincial elections, when everyone seemed to be talking about language tensions, referendums, and all those other hot-button topics? Well, midst the kerfuffle, Coderre brought it all back to Montreal, demanding the election candidates start talking about issues that really matter to the city. Rather than let all the drama take over, Coderre got things back on the right track.

8. Fighting Tolls on the Champlain

No one wants to pay a toll to get on the reconstructed Champlain Bridge, least of all Dennis Coderre. Knowing the public is not down to pay a fee every time they use the bridge, daily for some, Coderre has the public's back and is still fighting against an imposed toll by the federal government.

9. Showing Habs Pride

Of course Coderre is a Habs fan, and a mighty supportive one at that. Not only does he tweet like crazy during every game, Coderre has physically shown his Habs-pride and even took the Bruins-Habs playoff rivalry to a whole new level with his wager with Boston's mayor.

10. Showing Gay Pride

When Russia's stance on the queer community got everyone down, Coderre brought our hopes back up a little bit when installed a rainbow gay pride flag at city hall, symbolic "suck it" to Russia's LGBT-hate. Personally, this one sealed the deal on my being a full-time resident of Coderre Nation.

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