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10 Things More Likely To Happen To A Montrealer Than Winning The Lotto Max

Before you win big moneys, these will probably happen first.
10 Things More Likely To Happen To A Montrealer Than Winning The Lotto Max

Every week you buy a Lotto Max ticket, with the dream of winning the grand prize in your mind. Friday's jackpot is a huge 50 million, with 50 smaller prizes of 1 million, so no one can blame you for buying in and getting your name in the draw. But with the odds of winning the 50 million at 28,633,528 to 1, you probably shouldn't get your hopes too high.

Winning the Lotto Max jackpot seems unlikely (because it is) but there are a lot stranger things that can happen to you in Montreal.  To put things in perspective, here are 10 things more likely to happen to you in Montreal than winning the lottery:

1. Dying From Choking On Poutine (or any food): 370, 035 to 1

2. Chances of the Canadiens Winning the Stanley Cup: 20 to 1

3. Getting a Firework-related Injury: 19, 556 to 1 (higher during the Montreal International Fireworks Competition, I'm sure)

4. Having a Transportation Accident: 77 to 1

5. Considered to be Possessed by Satan: 7000 to 1 (don't act like you've never been this level of drunk)

6. Freezing to Death: 3 million to 1 (given the weather outside, it seems a lot more likely)

7. Becoming a saint : 20 million to 1 (and maybe get a street named after you!)

8. Quebec Separating From The Rest of Canada: 100% if the PQ had their way, otherwise not bloody likely

9. Spotting Drunk Bros and Biddies on St. Laurent on a Friday Night: 1000%

10. Getting Drunk on New Year's Eve: Definitely, the line ups outside the SAQ every NYE prove it

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