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10 Things Only Montrealers Living In The West Island Will Understand

It's a waste island kinda thing.

Photo cred- John Abbott Springfest

Growing up in the West Island isn't always easy, it's a whole other world out here that no one will ever understand unless they've lived that life. Being a Westie has certain things that we will always relate to. If you are a true West Islander, the following list will definitely make you reflect on the entire scope of your life.

1. Everyone knows EVERYONE

Their is always a link to be found, somewhere. Be aware. We basically live in a small town. We are a close-knit community where you can never fly under the radar. No matter where you go, or who you are with, you will run into at least one person you know. So have your fake smile and pleasantries ready and waiting. You are probably really good at this by now.

2. You Went To One Of These High Schools

You either went to BHS, RHS, Lindsay, PC, St Thomas, Jean 23, WIC, or Rennie - realistically, those are the only high schools that anyone cared about. If you went somewhere else, well, that begs the question "do you even go here?!" What high school you went to is a huge part of growing up West. It dawned the beginning of your true Westie nature and really had a hand in where you would end up later on in life.

3. Getting Downtown Is One Thing, Getting Back Is Another

Getting downtown is always a mission, whether having to appoint a DD (designated driver) or hitting tons of unnecessary and unexpected traffic. Why are they doing construction at midnight on a Monday anyways?! You pile into someone's car, whether it's your own, and someone else is driving it so you can get white girl wasted, or a friends. You're all super pumped to be heading out for a night on the town, the music is blasting and your jamming hardcore. You finally make it to Decarie and BOOM el traffico. Sucks the joy and excitement right out of you. By the time you actually get to where you're going, the yawns have taken over and you're ready for bed.

4. Taxis Ride Back To The West

In desperate times while attempting to get home from downtown we have been known to go as far as using the good old flat rate method. Tricking your cab driver into turning off the meter in exchange for a flat price to the West Island. Half the time, they had no idea where they were headed and you might have questioned whether or not you would make it back alive, but by the time you reached home, you and the cabbie had become best friends and were exchanging e-mails.

5. Annie's

You went to Annie's on a Thursday night, maybe before you were of age and had to go through the back to get in. Ten dollars in the front and twenty in the back that extra ten bucks made all the difference when you were under age but still wanted to party like your older more "mature" friends.

6. Party Busses

Party busses were very much once a thing. No, none of that fancy shmancy type stuff; the big ol' yellow school bus is how we got around in style I might add. The meeting spot was usually Fairview and we would all pile in for a rowdy trip DT. The trip home on the other hand was a whole other ball game and if you were MIA at the time of the departure well, too bad so sad.

7. McKibbin's

If you went to or are going to McKibbin's it's probably Wednesday. Ahh Mckibbin's Wednesday's the days of waiting in a long-ass line, even in the cold, to consume dollar drinks (ladies only) and dance our asses off. Those were/are the days.

8. House Parties

You'll never forget your first backyard bonfire house party it was probably in a really nice house somewhere in Hudson/Rigaud. Maybe it is where you first encountered beer pong and realized you were a natural, or got stoned for the first time. Regardless, in some way or another, it had a hand in shaping who you are today.

9. Springfest

A John Abbott College tradition that you most likely took part in at least once. Every year, Abbott throws a huge end of semester beginning of summer blow out bash, you probably chugged some beer at the beer tent or snuck in some beers of your own. You were so badass.

10. Candlelight Dinners At Fairview Shopping Mall

The center of the West Island, where our world turns. You have probably had dinner at the foodcourt on purpose, and know this mall like the back of your hand. You have waited for mom or dad to pick you up after a day of window shopping and thrown many a coin in the fountain wishing to get out of the west island as soon as possible. But then you ended up working there, and at some point or another, realized you were never going to leave.

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