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10 Things That Are Way Better Than 'Netflix And Chill'

Like Netflix and wine, duh!
10 Things That Are Way Better Than 'Netflix And Chill'

Netflix and Chill is everywhere right now. I've heard this expression at least 100 times throughout last month. At least. I even had a young man invite me over for a Netflix and Chill session last Friday... that I had to kindly decline for obvious reasons.

We should all get over Netflix and Chill and move on to something bigger and better. Because there are tons of things that are WAY better than Netflix and Chill. Don't believe me? Keep on reading.

1. Netflix and Wine

I made a whole article about the benefits of Netflix and wine... If you haven't seen it already, you can read it here. It will change your life.

2. Netflix and Chocolate

Netflix and chocolate will take you to sweet heaven. Bonus points if it's a jar of Nutella.

3. Netflix and Cat

Cuddle your cat while binge watching Narcos. It doesn't get any better than that.

Photo cred - Logodatabase (Edited)

4. Netflix and Tacos

I know the classic combination is Netflix and pizza... but did you ever try Netflix and Tacos? Next level.

5. Netflix and Girlfriends

Nothing beats a chill night with your girlfriends and movies. Wine from #1 can also be added to the mix for optimal results.

6. Netflix and pho

Warm, comforting pho hugs you from the inside while you're watching a movie... That's real love.

7. Netflix and Mani

You can get manis AND pedis while watching a movie at Rouge nail salon in Montreal. Boom!

8. Netflix and Head Massage

I can will sell my soul for head massage and Netflix.

Photo cred - Logodatabase (Edited)

9. Netflix and Online Shopping

Imagine having Netflix in the background while you're online shopping... Paradise.

10. Netflix and Sleep

You know that peaceful state of mind when you fall asleep while watching a movie? Of course you do. It's the best.

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