10 Things That Happen When You Get Your First Montreal Apartment

#9 Having nothing in your fridge except beer and ketchup.
10 Things That Happen When You Get Your First Montreal Apartment

You've cobbled together some furniture, you've signed a lease, and you now have your own toilet to clean regularly. Congratulations, you're an adult.

You probably have a good idea of what to expect, but there will still be a ton of things that will surprise you in the months to come. Here are 10 of them.

1. Getting excited when family members bring over leftovers, cleaning supplies, or toilet paper

If someone brought over a chunk of unwanted frozen lasagna or a half-used bottle of Mr. Clean a few months ago, you would have thought they were completely nuts. Now that you're living on your own? Those people are the best.

2. Briefly considering not getting internet to save money

Pro: It'll cut down your monthly expenses by $50-$100. Con: NO INTERNET.

3. Turning into a broke-ass MacGyver

You used to buy a new sweater if a button popped off. Now you patch your favourite pair of jeans by hand with swatches of fabric from that scarf you never wear, double up your mascara as gel eyeliner, and use baking soda to keep the fridge fresh, scour the faucets in the bathroom, and whiten your teeth. Never mind what you can do with vinegar!

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4. Learning all of your neighbours' dirty secrets

You'd heard that the walls were thin in Montreal apartments, but you didn't think they were this thin. You know which one of your neighbours has a troubled teen, which one is learning to play the violin, which one's husband is having an affair with another man, and which one has awkward drunken sex every Saturday night - and the weirdest part? You know they all know just as much about you.

5. Becoming very familiar with your local dollar stores and thrift shops

You've become a discount connoisseur. You know which dollar store sells the best school supplies, which one has the best cleansers, and which second-hand shop has the best variety of books and clothing. It's gotten to the point that spending more than $1.50 on shampoo seems ridiculously extravagant.

6. Panicking internally every time you pay for groceries

You did everything right. You looked through the sales circulars, you bought the store brand versions of things, and you somehow resisted the sweets and wine coolers. So how the hell does your weekly grocery bill keep getting so damn high?!

7. Trying to balance your budget

Maybe you're naturally smart with your finances, but your paycheques just aren't enough to pay for your textbooks. Or maybe you're sh!t with money and you're just looking at your spending habits for the first time. Either way, you're suddenly starting to understand why the #1 thing adults worry about is money.

8. Reassuring your relatives that, yes, your roommate is a responsible adult

It's not lying if it's out of kindness, right?

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9. Having nothing in your fridge except beer and ketchup

But... but... you just went grocery shopping...

10. Feeling like every small accomplishment is a mighty victory.

Today, you went to the bank, picked up some milk, and called your mother like she asked - all while getting a bit of exercise walking home from class. You are amazing.

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