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10 Things That Will Make You Wish You Went To Université de Montréal

Choosing which university to attend can be a rather overwhelming process - at least, it was for me. Hours of research and endless pro/cons lists later, I was still so indecisive that I applied to nine different places. NINE.

Fun fact #1: I ended up at Concordia University.

Fun fact #2: Now I'm at UdeM! (and no, you don't need to be strictly francophone to study here)

Application deadlines are just around the corner, and there are many things to take into consideration before making the final decision, from teachers and programs to overall campus life. Well I'm here to make your life a bit easier and let you in on some of the great reasons you should study (or should have studied) at Université de Montréal!

1 - You wish you went to Université de Montréal because of their Leafy Campus

via @umontreal

Located on the side of Mount Royal Park, near the historical Oratoire St-Joseph, the campus at Université de Montréal is absolutely breathtaking and offers loads of hidden spots to explore and hike or even to study if you're looking to get some fresh air between classes and take in the view. Comprised of 40 buildings, UdeM is easily accessible via metro, bus and bike paths.

2 - You wish you went to Université de Montréal because of their World-Class Education

via @umontreal

Québec's largest teaching and research institution and 2nd among research universities in Canada, Université de Montréal is also one of the top 100 institutions in the world in the field of life science and medicine, and ranked 35th for pharmacy and pharmacology! Its world-class research facilities make choosing UdeM a no-brainer if you're at all interested in Science and Health Studies.

And not only do you get to fulfill yourself intellectually when studying at UdeM, you stand out from other job applicants because of the renowned quality of your education.

3 - You wish you went to Université de Montréal because of their Flexible Programs

via @umontreal

UdeM offers flexible and customized programs within its 15 faculties and schools, so you basically can take linguistics and psychology classes, for example, while doing a bachelor's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience! Your degree can also focus on two main fields at once, such as Communications and Political Science, so out of the 250 undergraduate programs, you're sure to get what you are looking for out of your time at UdeM.

Faculties and Schools at UdeM include:Environmental Design (architecture/urban studies), Law, Medicine, Music, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Education, Veterinary Medicine, Kinesiology, Optometry, Public Health, Continuing Education,Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

 4 -You wish you went to Université de Montréal because they offer a Multicultural Experience

via @umontreal

Université de Montréal offers a vibrant multicultural environment, with over 9,000 international students and teachers from around the world. There are also courses available at their language center for almost every modern spoken language and culture, so if you're planning on working in a multicultural environment, in another country, or simply travelling, all the resources you need are in one establishment.

And if you want to study abroad, UdeM is affiliated with 486 establishments in 30 different countries and offers university exchanges that allow you to discover a new culture, and even a new educational system altogether!

5 -You wish you went to Université de Montréal because of their Awesome Workshops

via @umontreal

With over 150 training and development workshops, there is certainly no shortage of ways to better yourself, learn new skills or challenge yourself at Université de Montréal. From theater, singing and dance lessons to jewelry making and film animation, you are sure to find something to enrich your life, and enhance your overall university experience!

6 - You wish you went to Université de Montréal because of their fun Cultural Activities and Contests

via @faecum

Each year, Carrefour SAÉ hosts a kick-ass frosh week, which they call Semaine A, wherein you can participate in a ton of fun activities to start off the academic year, including outdoor yoga as shown in the photo above!! The FAECUM student organization also organizes awinter carnival, as well as multiple concerts and other cultural activities throughout the year.

There is also a cinema on campus at Université de Montréal, where they show a number of movies every week, for a minimal fee!

As for exciting challenges, UdeM participates in an inter-university comic book contest, as well as a photography contest, wherein you can win up to 500$! And they also put together a variety show every year in March to highlight its talented students - those who aren't necessarily following a Performing Arts program. So if you have a knack for performing, whether you're a comedian, singer, dancer, playwright or storyteller, you have a shot at performing on stage alongside your talented peers.

7 - You wish you went to Université de Montréal because of their Sports Clubs and Facilities

via @umontreal

With the largest university athletic center in Québec,Université de Montréal has a wide array of sports clubs and facilities to accommodate whichever way you prefer to stay in shape. You can try out for one of UdeM's competitive sports teams - be a part of les Carabins! - such as cheerleading, soccer, football, swimming, hockey, downhill skiing, cross-country and rugby!

Athletic clubs also include rowing, cross-country skiing, baseball, squash, triathlon, and hear this: they have a Quidditch team! Say whaaaat!

Their sports center also offers many recreational courses for all types of physical activity, including rock-climbing, martial arts, fitness, golf, and even snowshoeing!

8 - You wish you went to Université de Montréal because of their Reputable Teachers

via @nasser_eldjama

Each year, UdeM makes a point to hire new waves of teachers as a refresher for the staff as well as the students in terms of approach and experience. On campus you can run into renowned professors from major universities from around the world, such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, U of T, UBC and Paris-Sorbonne.

9 - You wish you went to Université de Montréal because of their Green Initiatives

via @umontreal

One of my favourite things about UdeM is their ongoing effort to cultivate a more sustainable environment. They compost food scraps in student cafés, have four FIXIT stations for bicycle repairs, and even collect and recycle old sunglasses and pens! The campus is entirely free of plastic water bottles, and just a few months ago they set up a bunch of tables near the cafeteria to sell used clothing. Pretty sweet initiatives if you ask me.

10 - You wish you went to Université de Montréal because... they're in Montreal!

via @faecum

Let's face it, Montreal is simply the best place to be a student. With one of the largest post-secondary student populations in the world, it's the greatest research city in Canada, has a bilingual population, an extremely vibrant cultural and artistic scene, a SAFE environment, affordable cost of living, remarkable quality of life, European atmosphere, etc. etc.!!

If there's one thing I've learned about choosing the right university, it's that it certainly doesn't hurt to apply. Once the door is open, then - trust me - the best option for you will be clear as day!

Visit Université de Montréal's website to find out more about admissions and programs, and check out their Facebook page for all the latest news and info!