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10 Things To Bring To The Tams Other Than A Drum

There are many things to love about Montreal in the summer, like drinking on terrasses, the abundance of amazing festivals to choose from, lazy days at the park, but above all else, we love that it's green! The trees, the bushes, the grass...Okay mostly the grass. The kind you can once again comfortably lay around on at the Tams every Sunday, and of course, the kind that you can smoke while laying around at said Tams on Sundays.

Relaxing with your friends on sunny days at the park is indeed one of the finer things in life. Enjoying the warm rays on your face, cool breeze in your hair, and a little bit of herb to help forget about the more serious things for a little while does the body good. To get you properly equipped to indulge in a little (or a lot) herb while on the go, we spoke to our favourite smoke shop, Prohibition (formerly HighTimes) to find out what are the best ways to get your smoke on in style at the Tams this summer.

Portable Bong

Rolling around on the grass is generally not glass friendly, so bringing a bong to the Tams is not ideal. Unlessit'sthe Roll-Uh-Bowl and it's made of medical grade silicone. Not only virtually indestructible, but it's also conveniently foldable and portable.

Mini Hookah

Montreal is full of great shisha bars, but what if you want to taste some smoke while chilling outside? Bring a portable Mya mini hookah pipe to the tams to enjoy will all your friends. Load it up with your favourite tobacco or herbal alternatives, and sprinkle in a little herb if you feel like it, you know, just for fun.


Because sometimes you just don't feel like rolling, and that's when a portable vaporizer comes in handy. One of the world’s best vaporizers is the ultra-sleek Pax, ideal for transportation, and quickly and efficiently vaporizes your favourite herb at the touch of a button.


Probably the worst part of the smoking process is breaking it all up. Not only is the Medtainer a reliable grinder, but it also doubles as an air-tight/waterproof/smell-proof container.

Blunt/ Rolling paper 

Sometimes you just want to smoke old school. So roll up with the classics, Raw papers and Bluntarillo blunts are sure to maintain that permasmile. For extra convenience, Raw Artesano packs have paper, filters and a rolling tray, all in one handy little package.

Electronic Cigarette & Herb Attachment

Being green also means being nice to the environment. Electronic cigarettes is a great way of getting your nicotine fix without the pollution, and no one likes lying in cigarette butts. If you're new to the vaping game, you can pick up an Aspire starter kit for about $70, and pick up a handy herb attachment to turn you e-cig into an e-pipe.

Hand-Blown Pipes

Ya, ya - I know, as I mentioned earlier, glass is kinda annoying to take to the park, but nothing smokes quite like a unique hand-blown pipe. Grav Labs make some beautiful pieces, and shove it in a Ryot case (which is completely smell proof) to keep it safe. Problem solved.

Wax Pen 

Dabbing is becoming increasingly popular in Montreal and folks need a way to dab on the go. Wax pens like the Cloud Classic, make dabbingsuper convenient and portable, perfect for when you want to take it to the park.

Photo cred- Bogart's Blend

Herbal Blend

Herbal blends like Blogart's Blend, offer a great alternative to tobacco, great for smoking on its own, or as filler with your ganj. Quite possibly an organic lover's wet dream, or so we're told.

Bong Cleaner – Klear Kryptonite 

After everything is said and done, your pipes and bongs need cleaning to be keep them pulling smoothly. Klear Kryptonite is the best glass cleaner around, and it also offers a neat party trick to boot! The Klear bottle transforms into a makeshift bong with a simple modification.

HighTimes sells anything and everything related to smoking, including all of the products listed above. To help you get ready for a very merry and very green summer, they are offering a 25% discount on all of these select products, as a thank you for all the support you've shown over the years. All you have to do is mention promo code TAM TAMS at the cash until July 4 to claim the discount.

Check out HighTimes' official website and Facebook page for more details about these accessories.