Top 10 Things To Do At Montreal's MURAL Fest 2014 This Weekend

Art, block parties and much much more.
Top 10 Things To Do At Montreal's MURAL Fest 2014 This Weekend

Today marks the beginning of what we like to call the biggest cultural and artistic event in Montreal. This summer brings upon the second ever MURAL Fest, taking over the streets of Saint- Laurent Boulevard with life, color and action. This year's MURAL Fest will run from today all the way until Sunday, June 15th.

In it's honor, Saint- Laurent Boulevard will be closed off between Sherbrooke Street and Mont- Royal Avenue, making it into a pedestrian only zone. Throughout the weekend, The Main will give birth to a total of 20 new murals.

MURAL Fest 2014 will host several events, parties and activities, all of which you won't want to miss out on; here's our top 10:

  1. Thursday, 5 to 10pm: Block party, hosted by Festival Meg, with special performances by CUFT, POSITIVE, TRUWAYS and FONKYSON.
  2. Thursday- Sunday: Hit up Le Market, Montreal's first ever outdoor temporary store. 20+ vendors will be selling merchandise and swag, all accompanied by live music and a bar.
  3. Thursday- Sunday: Special film screenings at Excentris Cinema, in selected rooms. Be sure to check out the full list of featured films and their viewing schedules.
  4. Friday, 2 to 5pm: App launch party for Instagrafite, one of the most well known and respected street art galleries in the world, hosted at Station 16 Gallery.
  5. Thursday + Friday, 5:30 to 7pm and Saturday + Sunday, 10 to 11:30am/ 3 to 4:30pm: Cam Novak's tour down the Main will teach you everything there is to know about mural history and local art.
  6. Friday, 1 to 10pm: Rain or shine, MURAL Fest celebrates another block party, hosted by Saintwoods, with performances by HIGH KLASSIFIED, JAY LONDON, RYAN PLAYGROUND and many more.
  7. Thursday to Sunday: Le Belmont will be opening its terrasse in celebration of MURAL Fest, as well as the 2014 World Cup launch. Sit back, relax and enjoy a pitcher on one of the biggest terrasses on the Main.
  8. Saturday, 1 to 10pm: Osheaga will host the weekend`s third consecutive block party, with special performances by SASH`U, NO KLICHÉ, THE POSTERZ and more.
  9. Sunday, 2 to 10pm: Final block party, hosted by ABTOUR 2014
  10. Sunday, 10pm: MURAL Fest closing party, of after- party, taking place at Apartment 200 and hosted by none other than Saintwoods and LNDMRK, tickets will be available at the door

What MURAL Fest activities will you be participating in?

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