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10 Things To Do During Montreal's Italian Week 2014

A must not miss event for any Montrealer.
10 Things To Do During Montreal's Italian Week 2014

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From food to cars, Italians do it best. Don't believe me? Well see for yourself at Italian Week in Little Italy, a ten day celebration of all things Italian. From August 8th to 17th you can head over to the St. Laurent strip of Little Italy (map) for tons of events, performances, and competitions.

There's a lot going on during Italian Week, so to help you guys get a sense of what's going down throughout the festival, we've compiled a list of the events we think you'll want to check out. Be sure to head over to the Italian Week website for the full program of events.

1. Fiat 500 Car Expo

When: August 15th, 16th, 17th

Where: St. Laurent Boulevard

What: Check out a collection of vintage and modern Fiat 500 cars, an automobile that has been an integral aspect of Italian culture since 1957.

 2. Moda Sotto le Stelle Fashion Show

When: August 16th at 10pm

Where: Loto-Québec stage (St. Lo and St. Zotique, map)

What: Fashion fanatics will want to check out this exhibition of Italian-Canadian designs, all inspired by the latest trends and styles.

3. Anna Liani Musical Performance

When: August 16th at 8:30pm

Where: Loto-Québec stage (St. Lo and St. Zotique, map)

What: Italian singer-songwriter Anna Liani will serenade you with a plethora of remixed Italian songs, all for free.

4. Guided Tours of Little Italy

When: August 16th (French or Italian), August 17th (English), more dates will be added if there is a demand

Where: All around the area and establishments of Little Italy

What: An walking tour of Little Italy where you'll learn about the churches, parks, businesses, foods, and traditions that have been a part of the area for generations. Learn how to reserve your spot here.

5. Italian Film Festival

When: Friday, August 8th, to Friday, August 15th (starts every night at 7:30pm)

Where: Casa D'Italia (map) + Centre Leonardo da Vinci (map) + Parc Ouellette (map)

What: Watch some Italian film classics, all for free, most presented in the original Italian with subtitles

6. Scopa Card Game Tournament

When: August 16 & 17th

Where: St. Laurent

What: Scopa is a classic Italian card game, played at nearly every social gathering. Your team can compete for the title or Scopa champs (register here) or simply watch the tourney go down and learn a new card game.

7. Outdoor Art Exhibition

When: August 15th to 17th (from 1pm-11pm)

Where: St. Laurent

What: Professional and self-taught Italian artists will be presenting their works to the public, all for free

8. Best Zeppole Contest

When: August 17th @ 2pm

Where: Shamrock Stage (map)

What: The best bakers of the city will compete for the title of best zeppole, a deep fried dough filled with ricotta cheese. An event your sweet tooth won't let you miss.

9. Bocce Tournament

When & Where: August 9th at 8:00am-4:00pm @ Parc Georges St-Pierre (map) + August 10th at 10:00am-8:00pm @ Parc Ouellette (map) + August 13th-15th at 7:00PM @ Parc Delorme (map)

What: Test out your ball handling skills at one of the many Bocce tournaments held throughout the city during Italian Week. Register with your borough ASAP if you wanna compete.

10. Madame Butterfly Opera Performance

When: August 17th at 9pm

Where: Loto-Québec stage (St. Lo and St. Zotique, map)

What: An outdoor performance of Puccini's classic three act opera, a free way to experience some high culture.

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