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10 Things To Do In Montreal With Your Brother

Have a good time with your real best friend in the city.
10 Things To Do In Montreal With Your Brother

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Oh brother. Having a sibling of the male persuasion can be an interesting experience. Whether they are older, younger, your twin, it seems as if it’s their job to get under your skin. That being said, if you have a good relationship, they can be a blast and a half to chill with. Especially if they come down to Montreal. There are a million things you can do with your bro but we narrowed it down to the ten best options for you to choose from.

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1. Buy Them Drunk Food

I'm assuming your sibling has come down to party. So, what better way to get your bro initiated to the Montreal way of life then with some good ol' drunk food. We recommend poutine (obviously) but pizza and burgers will also work. Check this article out if you are in need of further instruction.

2. Go To A Habs Game

I think many a sister can relate to a hockey loving brother. I know I’ve got one. So if my brother comes at some point during the Habs season, you best believe we’ll be going to a game. It’s just wrong if you don’t. And if you know nothing about the Habs and are worried you'll be bored, don't worry, we have an article for that.

3. Get Craft Beers

Boys love their beer. And why not treat them to the best. Mosy on over to this article and read up on all the best places to go for a craft beer.

4. Go Skateboarding

I mean we have a brand new indoor skate park AND TRH Bar. So if your brother is the tiniest bit interested in skateboarding, which let’s face it, they all are, then you should show them the roots of the skateboarding scene.

5. Taste Test All The Smoked Meat

Men and meat go hand in hand. And since Montreal has a famous meat product, then you’ve gotta test them all. It could be kind of fun to dedicate a day purely to carnivorous tendencies. I’m sure your brother will be down. And if you aren't sure where to go, click here!

6. Go On A Graffiti Tour

When someone visits your city, you obviously want to show them around a bit. But if you don’t wanna subject your brother to the normal “Old Port” slog, why not take them on a tour of Montreal’s most famous graf pieces. You get to see the city, but in an offbeat way.

7. Go See A Concert

Going to a concert with your brother is the best, because you both can just go crazy. You grew up listening to the same music, so now you can enjoy it together. There is a crap ton of shows playing at the Bell Centre for you to check out.

8. Play Sports On Mont Royal

If you and your brother wanna get in some good old fashioned activity then head on up to the Mountain. In the Winter the two of you can play shinny and in the summer it’s all Frisbee all day. What better way is there to get in some sibling bonding time.

9. Eat Sushi

Yes, I did in fact steal this from the counter article “What To Do With You Sister In Montreal”, but hey, brothers like sushi too!

10. Buy Shoes

Finally, before your brother heads on back home, you gotta get in at least a little bit of shopping. And shoes are the universally loved item of clothing, right? Right. A fresh article was just posted on where to get your summer shoe shop on. These places are appropriate for both you and your brother, but I’d personally recommend Mile End Kicks.

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