10 Things You Should Do To Avoid A Hangover

Drink at your own risk.
10 Things You Should Do To Avoid A Hangover

Ever been so sh!tfaced that you forgot your own name? Those nights where the end does not justify the means, AT ALL. Yeah, same here.

According to the Pain Center, 77% of drinkers have experienced a hangover at least once in their life (or to my belief, one every weekend).

But did you know there's actually a scientific formula that explains why we get hangovers and how to avoid them? Listen closely, it's a lifesaver.

After doing research on the subject, I found out that there are two main ingredients that cause a hangover:

Dehydration: alcohol is a diuretic, therefore making you pee more and make your body lose water.

Your immune system weakening : alcohol triggers an inflammatory response from your immune system.

So here's the magic formula to avoid a hangover and come out fresh as FVCK the next day for brunch.

1.  Take a nap before

You will feel rested and ready to party.

2. Drink a shot of olive oil

It cleanses the toxins from your body.

3. Take multivitamins

Pop an extra multivitamin. Antioxidants help reduce the damage.

4. Don't have more than 6-8 ounces in shots

Every 3 hours, that is.

5. Don't add mixers - drink it straight or with soda/tonic water.

Soft drinks have a high level of sugar, which will only increase your hangover the next day. Stick to natural juices, club soda, or straight.

6. Stick to one type of alcohol all night

Mixing tequila with whisky and gin is the equation to a pounding headache.

7. Keep a 1:1 water to alcohol ratio

As in for every 1 alcoholic drink consumed, drink 1 glass of water. It'll keep you hydrated throughout the night.

8. Take Advil before going to bed (NOT Tylenol)

It has ibuprofen and is more effective on tough pain.

9. Drink wine BEFORE shots

Light before heavy, always.

10. Drink milk before going to bed - OR - eat pickles

Yup, disgusting but it works.