10 Things To Do When Facebook Goes Down

Facebook went down today, and for someone like me whose job depends on internet traffic it can be pretty stressful. And yet I'm always amazed at the panic that sets in among everyone else. It really makes you realize just how dependent we are on the social media platform.

Since it's bound to happen again eventually we figured we'd let you know the essential steps you should take when Facebook goes down.

1. Deny it.

Denial can be a powerful tool. Facebook isn't down, my laptop is just being fuck-ey. Just keep denying and clicking refresh. The problem should solve itself within the hour.

2. Then bitch about it on Twitter.

Facebook may be down but at least Twitter is always there to help you get your social media fix. So bitch your little heart away. I'm sure it will help.

3. Remember: Don't panic.

It's just Facebook and you should probably be working anyway. So take this as a message from the universe that you should be logging off and actually start doing your job for once.


Gif cred - Jeremy Hazan

4. Ok, panic.

Now that you've tried not panicking, the next logical step is to realize that doesn't help. So panic away people, I'm pretty sure Facebook going down is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.


5. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

That usually works when the internet goes down, so why not try it on Facebook. Facebook has an "OFF" button right?

6. Keep shouting "Facebook Is Back".

If Facebook is down, everyone around you is probably already aware. Just keep saying it's back up to get their hopes up, and when they check it say: "aww it's down again".

7. Remind yourself that email exists.

How can I send you this photo if Facebook is down? Oh yeah ... emails still exist.

Photo cred - blogspot

8. Cry in the corner.

When all else fails, crying in the corner is a perfectly acceptable option.

9. Tell your boss you need to take the day off.

Who can work under these conditions? I'm taking a sick day.

10. If all esle fails, start your own Facebook.

I'm sure your version of Facebook would never go down. You're so smart.