10 Things To Expect During Your First Year At Concordia University

I just finished my fourth year at Concordia University and I can honestly say it was an amazing experience. I wouldn't trade my time here for any other university in the world.

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This was mostly because of all the wonderful people I met here, whether in residence, through clubs and student groups, or through classes, the people here are what make this school great. 

If you're about to come to Concordia for your first year and you're a little nervous about what you should expect, don't be! Changes those nervous jitters to shakes of excitement because you're going to have an amazing time here I guarantee it! 

1. You Will Learn To Love The Shuttle Bus

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If you're living on the Loyola campus and have classes downtown or you're living downtown and you have classes at Loyola, you'll be taking the shuttle bus every day of your life.

You'll hate it at first because it's pretty slow, the driver's always take weird routes, and you almost always have to stand. But eventually you'll accept that it's a free shuttle just for Concordia students and you just have to deal with it!

2. You Will Master All-Nighters In The Library

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Our downtown and Loyola campus libraries are both open 24 hours making them the perfect spots to enjoy many all-nighters during your first year.

Us Concordians know that the way to success is cramming the night before an exam and lucky for us they just renovated the downtown library so we have a chic, new place to do it in!

3. You Will Know Where To Find The All The Free Food

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We have amazing student-run initiatives here and one of them is offering free lunch every week day of the year (during school semesters, of course).

At People's Potato downtown and at the Hive at Loyola you can get a vegetarian/vegan meal every day for free! They're seriously delicious and are completely run by Concordia volunteers.

4. You Will Find All The Secret Study Spots 

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Concordia has some stunning study spaces that some people don't know about! The Grey Nuns Chapel is the old chapel in residence that was converted into a cozy study space. It's so beautiful you almost won't mind studying!

There's also the Concordia Green House on the top floor of the Hall building that doubles as a study space for students! You can hit the books amongst the plants here!

5. You Will Make Your Residence Room Your Own

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If you're moving into residence at either the downtown or Loyola campus' and you're a little worried about how grim the rooms are going to be, don't be!

Grey Nuns Residence is definitely prettier than Loyola but at either one you can dress your room up however you like to make it feel like home! Just get some nice bedding, wall prints, and maybe some twinkly lights and you've got yourself a cozy rez room.

6. You Will Go To Some Crazy Parties 

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Concordia is always hosting crazy parties all year long. You'll attend TONS in your first week, there will be almost too many to choose for Halloween weekend and we don't stop partying once it gets cold out, we party even more!

7. You Will Meet Tons Of Inspiring People

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Concordia is full of brilliant, insightful, and inspiring students that you're bound to meet during your first year of school. The best way to meet these kinds of people is to get involved in clubs, student groups and go to as many student-run events as you can!

8. You Will Skip More Than One Class 

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Even if you say you won't, you definitely will. It's impossible, especially in your first year, to attend every single class so don't feel bad about it.

Going to class usually doesn't put you at an advantage to succeed on the final, so if you'd rather stay home and catch up on some sleep or go have some drinks with your friends, do it! You'll catch up later, I promise.

9. You Will Learn That You Don't Have To Spend A Small Fortune On Textbooks

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Don't waste your money on buying textbooks new from the bookstore unless you absolutely have to! This is incredibly important because I, and I'm sure a lot of other people, made this mistake their first semester.

There's tons of other alternatives like the Concordia Underground Book Exchange Facebook page where you can buy the books you need from other students for cheaper. There's also a Coop Bookstore at 2150 Bishop St that has tons of books for Concordia classes for way cheaper!

10. You Will Fall In Love With This School And Everyone In It

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Concordia University is an amazing school and with all the wonderful people you meet during your time here, you're bound to fall in love! Both Loyola and the downtown campus' are gorgeous, we're environmentally conscious, we have tons of clubs and student-run groups, and tons of our programs rate in the top in Canada!

Within a year you'll have fallen in love with Concordia and you definitely won't want your time here to end!

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