10 Things To Expect When You Become A Dawson College Student

Being a student in the heart of downtown is kinda awesome.
10 Things To Expect When You Become A Dawson College Student

Being a college student in the heart of Downtown is kinda awesome! Choosing which Cejep to attend or finding out you’ve been accepted to one is for sure going to give you mixed feelingsIt's a lot of stress to go from High School to college but it's also an opportunity to find yourself, make new friends and discover what you can really do in your chosen career. For new or future students of Dawson College, here are some reasons why going to this school is bound to be an amazing experience!

1. Easy to get to even if you're from the West Island

For all of those living on the West Island, you know the struggle of having an 8am class and getting up at 6am just so you can catch that train or bus. On the flip side though, the nice thing about Dawson is all the options you have for getting there. Miss your train? Well there’s a bus every fifteen minutes that’s heading in the direction you want. And only having one metro stop to get to means you probably won’t be missing class even if you got on a bus late and are cutting time close.

2. There is always something happening in Conrod's or the Atrium

E-Week, the poster store, fairs, contests, holidays and mini-concerts or screenings: Conrod’s and the lower Atrium always have something going on! It’s hard not to join the crowd cheering on a rap-off or taking a look at whatever’s being held at Conrod’s. Perfect for the people who got stuck with those four-hour breaks and it's generally just nice places to chill out!

Photo credit - Alexis Nihon Gallery

3. Food everywhere!

Whether you’re craving McDonalds, Subways, Starbucks, Tim Hortons or some other fast food chain, Dawson students don’t have to go too far to satisfy it. Just upstairs in the Alexis Nihon mall is the gigantic food court where most students get their lunch. Easy access sure - but is it a gift or a curse? You’ll find out when you're sitting in class an hour later with twenty dollars less in your wallet and a food coma you can’t shake. But is it worth it? Probably.

4. Being in the heart of Downtown

One of the best things about studying at Dawson is being close to everything in downtown Montreal. You’re a short walk and metro ride from St. Catherine Street and getting from area to area is easy thanks to the fact Dawson is connected to Atwater Metro. If you have a long break and want to go out and explore or want to get together with friends after classes, those plans aren’t too out of your way to make!

5. A unique history

Seeing how Dawson use to be a monastery, some of the original architecture stuck when it was remodeled into a college- and the old cathedral-turned-library is definitely one of the most striking features the college has! So whether you need to study, find a quiet place to think -or even nap- hanging out at this library is definitely something you've got to do.

6. Classes at the Pepsi Forum

Classes at the Pepsi Forum are pretty awesome because not only are you sitting four floors above a once famous hockey arena, but now it’s a totally revamped cinema. Dawson has their own student lounge set up and free Wi-Fi to entertain you. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that after a long and tedious lecture; you can go and enjoy a movie or coffee.

7. Programs that have amazing reputations

Being from Dawson has some perks post-graduation. Whether you graduated with a medical degree or a degree in one of the arts, having the experience on your CV definitely gets people interested. Be prepared to hear “You went to that school?” and “I heard it’s the best!” Because it’s definitely happened!

Photo credit - Antonio Perez

8. Tons of sports teams to choose from

Dawson has a sports team for practically everything, including the ones you wouldn’t expect (Rowing anyone?). Of course there’s hockey, cheerleading, football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, rugby and track. Joining one of these teams means getting to be a part of Dawson Blues and enjoying the sport you’re passionate about.

9. The largest Cejep in Quebec means…

… a massive library, tons of weight rooms and gyms, computer labs and studios. So no matter what you’re studying or into doing, you don’t have to look very far to get it done. Why buy an expensive gym membership and travel halfway across the city when you can get your workout done between breaks or after class? Plus labs and studios to paint, draw, photograph or sculpt to work on whatever project you want to. Not to mention endless classes or teachers to chose from and so many people to meet.

10. Clubs for anyone and everyone

Speaking of finding things to do, Dawson’s second floor is the place to go whether you’re looking to find people who have the same music taste, cultural background, interests or play the same games. Write for The Plant, control the school radio, or play a video game to blow off some steam.

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