Take it from someone who's been through the higher education grind - university is tough. The good news? It's totally worth it, no matter where you go. And if you've picked Concordia, then you pretty much know that we have a very unique experience to offer. Like two different campuses, central locations, and awesome events - just to name a few. Excited? Well, you will be soon enough. Concordia has tons of things for you to look forward to.

1. It's Easy To Get To

Which might not seem too exciting, but trust me, when you have an 8:45 am class, you'll be more than thrilled to know that both of Concordia's campuses are centrally located and easy to get to by car or public transport. If travelling's not your thing, apartments are often available within walking distance of both campuses. Amazing, I know. Try to conceal those tears of joy.

2. The Downtown Grind

We all know you're going to be studying very, very hard during your stay at Concordia. But it's important to remember to take a break every once in a while, relax, and #treatyoself. Concordia's SGW campus is about two minutes away from Crescent Street, but if that's not your thing, it's also surrounded by restaurants, bars, and boutiques. Take a break from studying and grab a burger at La Belle et Le Boeuf or celebrate the end of finals with some friends at Moose Bawr. By all means, reward yourself with a (window) shopping trip to Ogilvy.

Photo cred - Concordia University

3. The Loyola Campus

Real talk, the SGW campus is awesome. But the downtown grind can get a little tiresome; plus, if you're expecting the kind of campus that looks like it just came out of a movie, then you might be a little disappointed. Enter Concordia's Loyola campus. Not only does it look picturesque as fvck, it's also home to the Stinger Dome (AKA the football field) and close to restaurants, shops, and housing options. Plus, some people even think it's better than the downtown campus. But that's up to you to decide.

4. Infinite Study Spaces

Trust me, when midterms and finals roll around, you'll be thanking your lucky stars for this one. Concordia is surrounded by coffee shops, tea houses, and other great places to study. And if being in a busy public place is too distracting, then both SGW and Loyola have tons of study spaces on-campus. The best part? Both libraries are open 24/7 during the fall and winter semesters.

5. Small Class Sizes

Though this is often program-specific (since some classes can go from almost full auditoriums, to small classrooms), the majority of classes allow you increased access to your professor - which comes in handy, especially around those pesky finals. Bonus points? Making friends with your classmates is also a whole lot easier. And, hey, maybe you'll end the semester with a couple more Facebook friends.

6. Reggie's

Reggie's is the campus bar at Concordia. Coming to Concordia for the Fall 2015 semester? Then I've got some good news for you. Although our beloved bar has been closed for about a couple of years, it's slated to reopen in Fall 2015. Even better? The new Reggie's is coming equipped with food and a stage (hear that? That's me screaming of excitement).

7. Tons Of Chances To Get Involved

Getting involved on-campus is probably one of the smartest university moves you can make. And with tons of volunteer opportunities, student jobs, clubs, and associations - like Sustainable Concordia and the Concordia Ski + Snowboard Club - there's really no way you won't find something that appeals to you at Concordia. Make friends? Gaining experience? Having fun? Welcome to Concordia.

Photo cred - Concordia Student Union | CSU | csu.qc.ca

8. Student Politics

Or any politics, really. It's no secret that Concordia students are among the most passionate, which makes for a lively, interesting, and diverse student body. The great thing about this? You learn something new every day, and get to challenge or reaffirm your political opinions almost as much.

Photo cred - Commerce and Administration Students' Association (CASAJMSB) / MTLBlog

9. Events. Events Everywhere

With so many different associations, Concordia doesn't just thrive in the ways of student governments. More groups mean more events, too. Events like the Latin American Cultural Night hosted by ASFA, CASAJMSB's 'Malice in Wonderland' Halloween party, Cinema Politica, and featured speakers (S/O to when Boots Riley visited Concordia). Sound like fun? That's because it is. There's never a dull moment at Concordia, and once you find what you like, there'll never be a dull moment for you either.

10. Frosh

Which is basically the ultimate party. If you're heading off to university, chances are you know what Frosh is. Concordia's Frosh involves barbecues on the quad at the Loyola campus, exploring downtown Montreal, bonding experiences, and awesome themes - like CASAJMSB's recent "Frosh to the Future". And really, is there anything more you could ask for?

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