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10 Things We Want Montreal To Add To Parc La Fontaine With Its $11 Million Renovations Budget

One of the best parks in the city to get better.
10 Things We Want Montreal To Add To Parc La Fontaine With Its $11 Million Renovations Budget

$11 million has gone into the ongoing renovations of Montreal's Parc La Fontaine, and now the city of Montreal wants our opinion on what would make the space even better.

Fountains, tennis courts, soccer fields, and on-site buildings have already been improved, with the theater and playgrounds already planned to be renovated by 2017.

A solid start, but we've got our own ideas of how to improve Parc La Fontaine. Here are ten things the city should spend the 11 mill on, and feel free to shout out your own suggestions in the comments below.

1. Free Outdoor BBQs

There simply aren't enough parks in Montreal outfitted with legit barbecues for public use. Being able to grill in La Fontaine would drastically change the picnic-game.

2. Upgrading the Stage/Theater

Technically already in the works, but we want the city to focus on the stage's sound system. With a solid sound setup, the stage could allow the park to host many more events (not just theatrical productions and jazz events) which brings us to our next idea...

3. Piknic Eletronik @ La Fontaine

With a city-funded sound system and renovated stage, Parc La Fontaine would be the perfect venue for an off-site Piknik Electronik, or any musical event. They did a mini-Picnik for Frigne at Parc des Ameriques last weekend, so why not La Fontaine? We're willing to pay for this to happen, because we just know it'd be magical.

4. Sunscreen Dispensers

Bringing it back to the real world, we posit that sunscreen dispensers would be a boon to any Montrealer chilling in Parc La Fontaine who may have forget their own bottle of sunblock. Rather than roast in the sun, you could just go to a nearby sunscreen dispenser (looking/functioning like a hand sanitizer dispenser) for some convenient protection from UV rays.

5. Fully Stocked Bar @ Espace La Fontaine

The kinda-recently opened cafe/resto at Parc La Fontaine (Espace La Fontaine) is good, but it could be better, with the addition of more alcohol, of course. Beers are already served, but think of how awesome it'd be to have Long Island Iced Teas, Mojitos, or sangria while you chill in the sun.

6. A Second Set of Washrooms

Parc La Fontaine is pretty big, and when you're on the other side of the park, a ways away from washrooms, it can be a little strugz to haul ass all the way over and bleed the lizard. More washrooms would make sure less people just say "screw it" and pee at a tree.

7. Fountain Lights

When the sun goes down, the fountain lights could come on and offer all the slightly inebriated/stoned park-dwellers a mesmerizing light show. Purely cosmetic, but still cool.

8. La Banquise Delivery/Stand

One awesome aspect of Parc La Fontaine is the park's close proximity to La Banquise. While the delicious poutine is only a short walk away, that can seem like miles when you're in full-on park chilling mode. A La Banquise delivery man would the best thing ever, and we're willing to fight for the city to make it an official position. That, or an on-site stand, or paying for La Banquise's most popular poutines to be served at the chalet.

9. Paddle Boat Rentals

We normally don't get this cute, but it'd be pretty adorable/romantic to chill with a special someone on the water at Parc La Fontaine while on a swan-shaped paddle boat. Bring a 40 of beer along to even out the cuteness-levels if you must...and we must.

10. Waterslides

Wishful thinking maybe, but water slides just make everything better. Maybe clean up the water a bit first though.

What would you like to see at Parc La Fontaine?

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