10 Things You Can Finally Do In Montreal Now That Spring Is Here

We've waited long enough!
10 Things You Can Finally Do In Montreal Now That Spring Is Here

I am getting absolutely giddy just looking at the forecast for the upcoming week. I've had enough with the rain, and the snow, and the hail and the clouds. I am ready for sunshine and nice weather. I want to be able to go outside without a huge jacket.

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I'm not done. I want to wake up to birds and look up at the sky when I go outside. I want to be happy about the warm wind, not afraid of it hurting my face. I want to see flowers. I want to eat ice cream. I want spring. 

Well, it looks like my wait is finally over. We're going to hit the 20s this week! Do you know what that means? That means I'm happy, that's what.

Montrealers have been waiting patiently for the seasons to change. Winter has gone on forever, longer than usual and our moods have been hit hard. We deserve a shot at happiness. And now that we'll actually be able to get outside of our homes, I think we just might crack a smile.

Now in case you've forgotten what you can actually do in this city now that there isn't snow on the ground, here are 10 fun things you can FINALLY do now that it's spring.

1. Get on your bike and ride around the city!

From BIXI deals to our beautiful different bike paths, it's hard to find a reason not to hop on a bike.

2. Go eat on a terrasse with a special someone.

Enjoy the sun, the view, and the company. For lunch or dinner, the best way to eat is on a terrasse.

3. Get yourself some delicious ice cream.

I don't really need to do any convincing here. Ice cream speaks for itself.

4. Get a picnic basket and check out one of Montreal's many parks.

I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon than wasting time in one of Montreal's amazing parks.

5. Get some exercise and go for a hike.

Climbing up a mountain has an amazing payoff. Just being able to enjoy the view at the end is reason enough to get out of the house. Lucky for us, Montreal has tons of great places to check out.

6. Go check out the amazing murals.

Montreal has art all over the city! Just turn the corner and you could be surprised with an awesome mural. Check all of them out!

7. Get your spring wardrobe ready.

Spring wardrobe means spring clothes! Do you even need an excuse to go shopping? Well, here's one anyway.

8. Visit our outdoor markets.

There's nothing quite like smelling fresh produce on a sunny day. Montreal's markets are the PERFECT place for that experience. See the best of the best!

9. Get yourself ready for festival season!

Montreal has no shortage when it comes to festivals. They're the best part of summer after all. Check them all out here!

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10. Do some gardening and liven up your life.

Whether you want some flowers or vegetables, working with the earth is sure to brighten your mood and your apartment!

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