10 Things You Can't Flush Down The Toilet In Montreal

More good news from #flushgate.
10 Things You Can't Flush Down The Toilet In Montreal

No news story has dominated the news feeds of Montrealers, and sparked as much outcry and debate, as the city's decision to dump 8 billion litres of garbage/raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence River.

Having started today at midnight, and will go on for a week afterwards, the sewage dump was approved by Environment Canada, with some conditions.

Tons of Montrealers, environmentalists and those simply concerned with the state of the city, have criticized the plan, and they're very justified. Dumping billions of litres of sewage into a river just doesn't seem like the smartest or safest idea.

But unfortunately, other than protest, there's not much any of us can do about the sewage-plan. We kind of need to go along with it and hope the situation works out for the best.

What we can do, however, is follow the City of Montreal's guidelines on what not to flush down the toilet. Yes, this was an official City of Montreal post that went up last week, one that will ideally improve the city's water quality a little bit. You know, while they pour toxic waste into the Saint Lawrence.

None of us want to add fire to the flame that is #flushgate, so here are 10 things you can't flush down the toilet in Montreal:

1. Cigarettes

Find an ashtray you lazy smoker

2. Diapers

A good thing, because for whatever reason the thought of baby poop mixing with mine is just super unsettling.

3. Paper towel

Keep this stuff in the kitchen, where it belongs.

4. Tampons

If you live with a lady, expect the trash can to overfloweth.

5. Expired medicine/drugs

Why you're letting your meds get past the expiration date is beyond me.

6. Cotton Swabs

Notorious for clogging up the toilet anyway.

7. Syringes

Uh, if you're flushing these down the toilet you may have bigger problems on your hands.

8. Baby Wipes

Anyone who knows the speedy joy of cleaning up with baby wipes post-poop is already crying.

9. Floss

When floss combines with a stool...bad things happen.

10. Any form of food fat

It's a toilet, not a garbage. Plus, the travel time from the kitchen to the washroom should already have given you time to realize this is a stupid idea.

Looking at this list, you're probably saying to yourself "uh, why would I flush any of those things down the toilet?" And the answer to that is: you shouldn't, ever.

Still, please do take special care on what you're flushing into the Saint Lawrence these days (yes, you were always sending your poop there, now it's just going to mix with a bunch of other added garbage) because we don't need warning signs any more foreboding than what's already been set up along the Lachine Canal in Verdun. Look below to see what I mean.

Not comforting in the slightest.

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