10 Things You Didn't Know About Montreal

A place so small, yet so big...

(1) Montreal has the second highest volume of restaurants per person in North America.

(2) Montreal's sister city is Hiroshima, in Japan.

(3) In 2007, Forbes magazine declared Montreal as 10th cleanest cities in the world.

(4) There is a law in Montreal which states that no building can be built taller than the cross at the top of Mount Royal.

(5) The predominant religion in Montreal is hockey... seriously though.

(6) Star Trek's William Shatner was born in Montreal.

(7) Montreal consists of 52% females and 48% males.

(8) There are a total of 4445 licensed taxis in Montreal.

(9) Berri- UQAM metro station has the largest lost and found in Montreal.

(10) There are approximately 8000 red heads who live in Montreal.

And there you go! #themoreyouknow

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