10 Things You Do Every Weekend And Regret Every Monday Morning

You all commit at least one of these crimes.
10 Things You Do Every Weekend And Regret Every Monday Morning

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The weekend is when all hell breaks loose. We seem to forget about our principles and create new rules -- only for the weekend.

We tell ourselves all sorts of excuses."Life is too short, I have to enjoy it." Despite the excuses, regret is always there on Monday. It's hard to believe the things we are capable of doing.

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Drinking Too Much Even Though You Promised Yourself You Wouldn't

We count the days until the weekend, every week is the same. We go out, we have fun and we drink way too much. We pass out, wake up at someone else's place and don't remember half of the things we've done. It's like we've wasted hours and hours of our weekend being too drunk. The hangover is unbearable. When Monday comes, we feel like crap. We promise ourselves we won't drink this much anymore, as usual -- only we do everything again the next weekend. Some people never learn.

Eating Food That Your Body Really Does Not Need

We try to maintain a healthy diet and are usually cautious when eating out. When Friday comes, we completely lose control. We go to nightclubs and bars with our friends, drink lots of alcohol and need to eat some Five Guys afterwards. Saturday night there's a house party in the Plateau and we and our friends end up at La Banquise, eating large poutines -- and not sharing. Sunday we go to the Old Port with our girlfriends and boyfriends and eat Beaver Tails. Monday we're feeling bloated like a balloon. We promise we won't do it again -- last weekend was the last time. We all know it's not true.

Spending All Our Money, All Of It...

We never go out during the week because we claim to be saving money. We're broke and cannot afford going out for dinner, not even once. Friday night the Money Fairy works some kind of magic on our wallets and we're suddenly rich. We go out with our friends, drink and pay drinks for everyone. We're happy, right? So let's expend some money! The alcohol comes in, the money comes out. We go to stripclubs and pay lap dances to our friends. We go to the movies and buy tickets online for us and our friends -- believing they will pay later. When Monday comes, we're really broke, no joke. Remember the money we were saving? Gone.

Making Out/Sleeping With Complete Strangers

We all know how hard it is to be single. We keep complaining and talking to our friends about how much we miss being with someone. The week goes by and when Friday night comes, lust is unleashed. We go out with our friends and make out with complete strangers all weekend long. They were strangers before and are still strangers when the party is over. No phone number, no adding on Facebook -- nothing. Sometimes we don't even know their names. This is embarrassing -- so embarrassing. Every Monday we regret being that easy and so desperate to find someone.

Flirting More Than You Should

We're too busy working or studying during the week. It's hard to think of anything else having so many things in mind. The weekends were made to relax though. Every weekend we go out with our co-workers or classmates to have a beer and... flirt. Sometimes we flirt more than we should and usually find ourselves in an awkward situation. It's even worse when we go out with our girlfriends or boyfriends and their friends. When we drink a little too much and flirt with one of the hot friends, we always feel very bad. Monday is always the day we have to face ourselves and feel very, very ashamed.

Having Unprotected Sex

It's always the same excuse -- we were in the heat of the moment. The weekend is when people feel more relaxed, free and careless. Having unprotected sex is only a consequence of partying hard. We do our best to be careful and responsible, which is good. However, we cannot control ourselves during the weekends. Maybe it's the alcohol, maybe it's the adventurous vibe or maybe it's a mix of both. All we know is every Monday we regret it and fear the worse will happen.

Smoking Too Much Weed

Smoking weed is good for the relationship, but only if we're in one. Usually what happens during the weekend is we smoke too much, get too stoned and don't even enjoy our free time that much. Being too relaxed can be a little numbing sometimes. We wait for the weekend only to get high as a kite and lose track of time. When Monday is back again, we regret having smoked so much and promise we will smoke less next weekend -- or not smoking at all.

Being Extra Lazy

We wait for the weekend and when it's finally there, we stay home all weekend long. Netflix seems more appealing than going out. We stay in, watch a few movies and tv shows, order food and wear PJs all the time. We don't even know if it's sunny or raining outside. Every Monday we hear our co-workers and classmates talking about their weekends and regret having stayed home. We usually make plans for the next weekends but end up doing the same thing. Damn you, Netflix!

Talking Behind People's Backs

Gossip is a disease, it's a plague. We don't usually gossip during the week because we're too busy and don't go out with our friends very often. The catching up during the weekends always end up with us talking behind someone's back. It's even worse when we say something bad about someone and all our friends start making fun of the person -- because of us. It's usually someone we see everyday. Monday is the day we see the person we were gossiping about being friendly and lovely with us and everybody else. We regret every single word and promise we will never talk behind her back again. (Next weekend we choose someone else.)

Spending Too Much Time On The Computer

We always plan to have fun during the weekend. However, we spend most of our time in the computer. It's always the same thing. We say we will only check our Facebook page for one second and when we blink, it's already 9pm. The internet is so addictive that you and your friends keep chatting online instead of meeting up and going out. Every Monday we regret having spent all our weekend in the computer and promise ourselves we will start being more sociable from now on.

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