Things You'll Only Find Out About Your Partner In A Long Term Relationship

There's a big difference between knowing someone on a superficial level, and on an intimate one. They say the first three month of a relationship is the "honey moon" stage. But what happens when the mask comes off, and you get to find out every single little thing about your significant other?

Trust me, it'll make you love them even more (or make you run for the hills).

1. Who they really are, not who they pretend to be.

2. The real amount in their bank account.

3. What they really think of their friends.

4. What makes them cry.

5. What is their biggest fears.

6. What is their natural body scent.

7. What are their sleeping habits.

8. What their real priorities are in life.

9. Where they come from.

10. What their favourite colour is.

And if you're lucky enough, you might actually find out what their favourite colour is!

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