10 Things You Have To Do Before You Can Call Yourself A Montrealer

Red lights are just a suggestion...
10 Things You Have To Do Before You Can Call Yourself A Montrealer

Montreal is a city of immigrants. That's what happens when you have respected universities and a cultured atmosphere, people want to come shack up where all the fun is happening. But even with the constant influx of people coming to the city, Montrealers are still able to keep their culture together. They're pretty adamant about it actually.

So, I feel it's only fit to honour their lifestyle properly. Before you can even think about calling yourself a Montrealer, you have to have completed all of the items on this list. It's only right.

1. Eat The Big Three

Poutine. Smoked meat sandwich. Montreal-style bagels. It's the local cuisine. It would be like going to Italy and not eating pasta, or visiting Japan without trying sushi. If you don't have a desire to eat them, at least do it to be polite.

2. Adapt To The Lingo

Ideally, this would mean "learn to speak french", but that's not the case. You'll begin to corner stores 'deps' , and Loblaws turns into "Provigo" . Eventually it will start to feel wrong to order a coffee in english.

3. Survive The Winter

If you truly love this city, you'll be there for better or worse. You can't stay here for the summer and call yourself a true Montrealer. You have to experience it in all its snowy glory.

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4. FROSH It Up

It's a must. Montrealers do FROSH like no where else. Even if you're not in uni, you should still join in on a pub crawl.

5. Cheer For The Habs

Hockey is basically a religion here, so it's important that you cheer for the habs. Even if you're not a huge fan of the team, you still have to cheer them on to avoid to looking like a traitor.

6. Get Two - Chow While Drunk

A staple. If you want to know more about two-chow, check out this article for all the deets.

7. Accept Cigarettes As A Part Of Your Life

I'm not saying you have to go become Joan Rivers. You don't even have to smoke them. But you're going to have to learn to deal with it happening around you. If you say "You know those cause cancer, right?", to a Montrealer, I promise you will be the subject to a lot of stink eye.

8. Attend A Music Festival

In the summer, Montreal is a mecca of festivals. So if you live here, you've got to test them out so you can find your favourite.

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9. Learn The "Rules Of The Road'

Loosely translated, this is the belief that red lights are just a suggestion, and jay walking is the only way to cross a street.

10. Brave The Mountain

I know it's just a landmark, but I have to say, the view of the city is quite breathtaking from up there. As cheesy as it sounds it will give you a new appreciation for it.

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