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Everything You Wanted To Know About Pierre Karl Péladeau But Were Too Afraid To Ask

It's almost impossible to avoid politics if you're living in Quebec. Everyone has an opinion, everyone is passionate, and most people aren't afraid to tell you what they think. Political figures in Quebec are almost as controversial as the issues they address. Since his involvement with the Parti Québécois, Pierre Karl Péladeau has inspired a lot of dialogue - coming from both ends of the spectrum. And whether you support PKP or not, you can't deny that staying informed about our politicians is pretty important. Here are some facts about PKP that you might not have known.

1. Life Before Politics

Before getting into politics, PKP was well-known in Quebec as the head of Quebecor Inc. Quebecor was founded by his father, Pierre Péladeau, and it was PKP who orchestrated some of its most famous major acquisitions - like Videotron and Sun Media.

2. PKP Isn’t Actually Head Of Videotron Anymore

His involvement with Quebecor - which also owns major media companies like Le Journal de Montreal, Videotron, and TVA - has taken a backseat to his political ambitions. He does still seem to be a part of Quebecor Inc., although to a lesser extent.

3. Separation Remains One Of His Key Mandates

This is an obvious one, but it's still important to know. PKP's support for separating Quebec from Canada is unwavering. Although he is waiting until 2018 to decide whether or not to hold a referendum, according to this article.

4. He And Brian Mulroney Have History

Brian Mulroney sits on the board of directors of Quebecor Media, and has been called PKP's 'mentor'. Despite their different political views, it seems as though they've been able to put their differences aside in the past and achieve a mutual respect for one another.

5. ...And Celine Dion, Too

Celine Dion is said to be friends with PKP's partner, Julie Snyder. She also appears to have been close enough to the family to be named Godmother of one of their children.

6. He's Getting Married Later This Year

Which might not seem like an important fact, but it's always good to remember that politicians are still people. Later this year, PKP will be marrying long-time partner Julie Snyder, a Québécoise media mogul in her own right.

7. He Doesn't Seem To Be A Union Man

In the past, PKP was behind a number of union lockouts involving companies like Videotron and Le Journal de Montreal - fourteen, to be exact. Possibly contributing to his reputation as a hard businessman, according to some.

8. But His Lifestyle Seems To Be On Point

According to this interview from VICE, PKP doesn't drink, is a vegetarian, and exercises regularly.

9. He Changed His Name, Kind Of

The 'K' in Pierre Karl used to be a 'C', but he changed it in his youth to honour Karl Marx. His opinion about Marx's ideologies might have changed in the following years, but the 'K' remains. Somehow PCP doesn't have the same ring to it.

10. Hockey? Hockey.

PKP seems to be an avid hockey fan - or at least, he really seems to want a Quebec City hockey team. The Videotron Centre was built in QC with the ultimate goal of hosting a local team; although that didn't quite pan out, PKP has recently hinted at his optimism for a Quebec City team.

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