10 Things You Need To Do At Montreal's Underground City Art Festival

Must-sees & dos at Art Souterrain.
10 Things You Need To Do At Montreal's Underground City Art Festival

Cover photo cred - Yannick Khong

Nuit Blance was only a sample of all the artsy Montreal has to offer. Keeping the city's artistic spirit alive is the Art Souterrain festval. Running from March 7th-15th, Art Souterrain is all about promoting Montreal emerging and established artists and having the public appreciate, interact, and experience their many works. All of it's indoors and underground too, so no worries from the cold front.

There's a lot to do, so we've compiled a choice list of things we know you'll want to check out. Be sure to see the full list of events and learn where everything is being held via the festival map.

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Under Your Skin

When: March 7th, 12pm-6pm

Where: Ruelle des fortifications

Why: Seriously want some ink real bad, but wary about the whole "forever on your skin" thing? Bypass all the commitment with the Under Your Skin event, where professional tattoo artists will be giving temp-tats to anyone and everyone. You could also just use this a testing ground for the tattoo you've been thinking about getting forever.

En Masse For The Masses

When: March 16th, 12pm-5pm

Where: Eaton Center (hallway towards Place Montreal Trust)

Why: Here's one for all the graffiti lovers, aka everyone. With paint can in hand, you can draw side by side with the En Masse collective and create some sexy murals right inside the Eatons Center. A DJ will be on site to provide musical inspiration, so this is looking to be a legit art-party.

Urban Improvisation w/Audiotopie

When: March 9th, 2pm-5pm

Where: Complexe Desjardin (in front of Laitue & Go)

Why: Even if you're not a singer, this is your chance to be part of an urban symphony of sounds. Audiotopie will be taking sounds from the city and allow you to join in, add, improvise, and help make an original track.

The Snapshot Project

When: March 3rd-16th, 7pm-10pm

Where: All over

Why: Document your own personal perspective of the city and the art exhibition as you search through the underground and take photos with randomly placed disposable cameras. Snap a pick, put the camera back wherever you got it (so others can participate), and at the end of the festival, you'll be part of a city-made photo album

Art Cocktail

When: March 3rd-March 4th (excluding Sat & Sun)

Where: In front of the Couche-Tard by Place d'Armes metro

Why: Drinking wine while talking about art sounds like something straight out of Frasier, and something too fancy for you to ever do. Now's your chance to up your class level (or at least pretend to be cultured) with a guided tour of the festival, with drinks afterwards. Alcohol and art, a match made in heaven.

Fruity Taxidermy w/Visual Voice Lab

When: March 8th, 1pm-4pm

Where: Place des Arts

Why: Who knew you could be a vegetarian taxidermist? Visual Voice Lab will be hosting a workshop on just that, using taxidermy skills on edible fruits. You won't be stuffing any cats, which is a plus, but you'll be learning how you 'could,' you know, if you want.

Une Fenetre Sous La Terre

When: March 15th, 12am-6pm

Where: Palais des Congres

Why: Here's one for all the selfie-lovers and Instagram users. A portable #MTLMoments frame will be given out for you to use and go take photos of you and your friends in front of art pieces throughout the underground. You can then tag the festival and the featured building and artwork, and see which art pieces the whole city is snapping pics of.

Tom Pnini's Volcano Demo

When: Ongoing

Where: Complexe Les Ailes

Why: Tom Pnini built a giant 2-dimensional volcano on a four story building in Tel-Aviv, and using the magic of film, made the whole thing look real-life and 3d. Check out a mind-fuck of videography, and check out Pnini's Snow Demo as well!

Catherine Dong's The Other Words

When: March 15th, 1pm-4pm

Where: Palais des Congres

Why: Translation and language are always a relevant topic in Montreal, and in The Other Words artist Catherine Dong explores the interpretation and reception of translated messages. Dong is using only mannequins and a bowl of rice, so this is definitely going to be an interesting performance piece.

Emerging Artist Portfolio Review

When: March 7th, 7pm-9:30pm (doors at 6:30)

Where: 2200 Crescent

Why: Art Souterrain is featuring scores of emerging artist, and this event will take five of the best and present their portfolios to the public. As a spectator, you will be able to actively participate in a critique of these artist's work, and even be able to ask them questions yourself. So if you really don't get a piece, or think the artist is straight up cray, you can ask/tell them in person.

What are you most excited for at Art Souterrain?

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