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Everything You Need To Know About Montreal's "All-New" $40,000,000 Jacques Cartier Bridge

The city is about to get a lot more pretty.
Everything You Need To Know About Montreal's "All-New" $40,000,000 Jacques Cartier Bridge

In case you haven't heard yet, Montreal is planning a pretty ambitious project for our 375th anniversary.

The idea is to illuminate the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the same style as the Eiffel Tower.

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Some people are excited about the project but most are pretty pissed off about how much money is being "wasted".

So in a foolish attempt to calm your fears, we decided to bring you everything you need to know about the new Jacques Cartier Bridge lights.

When are the lights being installed?

The actual installation of the lights will begin at the end of September.

When will the project be complete?

The project end date is set to be May 17th, 2017. But we'll believe it when we see it.

How much will it cost?

$40 millions ... (In Montreal, that translates to $100 billion)

Why is it so expensive?

The project will require 10,4 km of cables, 2807 individual lights installed by over 200 workers.

These aren't just regular lights, they need to be able to resist the insane Montreal weather as well as the rough winds that batter the top of the bridge.

Who is paying for it?

Three quarters of the project is funded by the federal bridge authority. The remaining $9.5 million will be split between the Society for the Celebrations of Montreal's 375th Anniversary, private funding and the government of Quebec.

Who supports this project?

According to CBC only 8% of those who were polled supported the project.

How long will the lights be up?

The bridge is scheduled to be illuminated for 10 years.

What will the bridge look like?

Initially, the lights were supposed to be multi-colored. But now, the lights will be able to change to 365 different shades, however the bridge will only be light with one color at a time.

Why is this so complicated?

What makes this project extra difficult is the position and intensity of the lights. The lights must be bright enough to be seen from miles around, yet they can't blind the people driving on the bridge.

When will the bridge light be turned on?

The bridge is set to react with the mood and season in the city. During a calm winter day, the light will be calmer and slower. But if the Habs win a game that day, the light will be brighter and more active.

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