10 Things You Need To Know About The Giant 15,000 Year Old Cave Discovered Beneath Montreal

A few years back, we wrote an article about a network of underground caves hidden beneath Montreal that you could actually explore, and people went nuts.

It just wasn't the kind of thing you'd expect to see beneath a major city, but it turns out there are even more caves than we initially thought. 

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Recently a new cave was discovered near the first one and it's far bigger than anyone could have imagined. More of it is being explored every day, but here's everything we know about the cave so far: 

1. The cave was discovered in October by amateur cavers 10 meters beneath Montreal.

2. The caves were formed when the rocks split during the ice age.

3. No human has ever seen them or been inside until only a few weeks ago. 

4. The cave is actually a vast network of connecting chambers.

5. Cavers have not yet been able to explore it all yet. 

6. It was discovered after drilling though an ancient limestone wall. 

7. It is highly unusual for a cave of this size to exist beneath a major city.

8. So far they have discovered between 250 and 500 meters of cave chambers. 

9. The total size of the cave is still unknown

10. To explore the cave you have to crawl on your hand a knees through muddy tunnels.  You'll need to use rock climbing equipment to get through certain area, and at one point you'll need a raft because the underground cave is filled with a clear lake.