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10 Things You Never Knew Were Irish

Just in time for St-Patty's Day!
10 Things You Never Knew Were Irish

Okay so let's be real, for most of the year, Ireland just kind of chills in Europe and no one pays much attention to it.

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The second St-Patrick's Day rolls around, everyone is all about the Irish, and for good reason. St-Patrick's Day is one of the most fun holidays of the year. Even though obviously, that's not what it's really about, the day basically revolves around getting drunk.

What more could you want?

The Irish, however, are a very proud people and they deserve credit for all the awesome things they've brought to the world, besides St-Patrick's Day. So without further ado, here's 10 things you never knew came from Ireland:

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1. Chocolate Milk

Yep, that's right. We have the Irish to thank for this little breakfast miracle. It was actually first created by Hand Sloane, a physician from Northern Ireland. This drink dates back to the 1700s! Apparently, he encountered cacao on a trip to Jamaica and then released a medicinal elixir calledv‘Sir Hans Sloane Milk Chocolate’.

2. The White House Design

In case you didn't know, a lot of American presidents have had Irish descent (including Obama apparently). And, the design for the white house is very apparently based on the House of the Oireachtas, Leinster House which is a part of the Irish Parliament. The design for the White House was a competition, and James Hoban, a native Irishman won in 1792.

3. Color Photography

Naturally, photography has come a looong way since it was first invented. A lot of people contributed to the advent of color photography, however, John Joly, in 1894, invented the first practical system of color. Good for you, Ireland.

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4. The Modern Submarine

Phillip John Holland, a Christian Brother from Co. Clare, and Irish inventor invented the submarine in 1899. For years up to this date, he designed prototypes and worked on the various parts, but it was only really finished just before 1900.

5. The Titanic

Did you know that the famous Titanic was actually built in Belfast, Ireland? Well, it was. It was built between 1909 and 1912. Though it didn't last long after that, it's still a very proud accomplishment for the Irish.

6. The Reason The Sky Is Blue

Pretty much every child asks this question at one point or another, and thanks to Irish scientist John Tyndall, we know the answer. In case you're curious, it's called the Tyndall Effect and it basically says that the sky is blue because of the scattering of the sun's rays by molecules in the atmosphere.

7. Christian Grey

We owe this beauty to Ireland, plain and simple. Jaimie Dornan, the actor who plays Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey was born in Holywood, County Down, in Northern Ireland. So, I guess he was destined for the screen from the very beginning.

8. Radiotherapy

John Joly, the same guy that developed color photography, discovered a way to isolate radium and use it to fight cancer. This became known as "The Dublin Method". He even wrote over 270 scientific papers. So yeah, this Irish guy was really devoted to his work.

9. The Guillotine

Though this one isn't exactly a happy invention, it's Irish nonetheless. Though the French made is really known because of their use of the guillotine during the revolution, a type can actually be traced back 500 years before that, to Ireland.

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10. The Guinness Book of World Records

I guess we could've put two and two together with this one, but The Guinness Book of World Records was actually started by Guinness brewery employees in Ireland. First published in 1955, the roots of this book are in County Wexford. Basically, a bunch of guys were arguing about the fastest game bird in Europe and they couldn't find the answer anywhere. So, they created a book with all the world records. Pretty cool, huh?

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