10 Things You Should Never Do On Snapchat

We love snapchat, but we also hate people that don't know how to use it.

Refrain from doing the following if you want people to keep watching your stories...#justsaying

1. 300 second stories

Your life is not that interesting. You have now been deleted from my contacts

2. Sending personal snaps the same as your story

STOP doing this. It doesn't make me feel special. It just makes me hate you.

3. Selfie videos - WTF?

10 seconds of your face shaking your head from left to right... Please no.

4. Send nudes on the chat

LOL who does this?! IT STAYS PEOPLE.

5. Take blank pics with a shit ton of words on your story


6. People who have snapchat and view ALL your stories but never post any.

This is lurking on a whole other level.

7. Screenshot conversations

NO. Just no.

8. Talk about Chatbox

The app that saves snapchats without telling you it does... you sneaky b!tch.

9. Message people that screenshot your story

From past experience I've noticed that it's a glitch and people don't actually care enough to screenshot your morning coffee... and if they do, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

10. Post pics/videos with every guy you're seeing.

It's hard to keep up.