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10 Things Your Montreal Vegan Friends All Do

Don't worry, they'll tell you.
10 Things Your Montreal Vegan Friends All Do

Photo cred - Tangie Ray

The modern day herbivore, or vegan, is a highly evolved, if not misunderstood, species that have chosen to respect the rights of, and not eat anything with, a face and/or parents. Those reasons aside, for them the healthy benefits of the practice far outweigh the glorious taste of say, bacon, (I know, crazy right??) and the rest of us meat-eaters should not hold this against them.

Montreal is becoming more and more vegan friendly every day, with new restaurantsspecialty stores, and even festivals popping up all the time, which is good, but there are certain things your Montreal vegan friends do which set them apart and earn them a bit of a...reputation. Here's but a few.

1. Make pilgrimages to lands far away

Your vegan friend doesn't mind traveling 45 minutes out of their way to get very specific specialty items they can't find anywhere else.

2. Talk about their pets a little to much

Veganism is not just about eating leafy greens and baby carrots with hummus, it's also a stand against animal cruelty, so it's no surprise their pets often take center stage in any conversation.

3. Never go out to restaurants/events

Don't expect your token vegan friend to show up to your birthday dinner or similar social event if you decide to go to a restaurant, because they won't come. It's actually just easier that way.

4. Give you the look

While a vegan fully understands what it is to be tolerant of other people's life choices, you will often catch them, if just for a split second, shooting daggers at you when you decide to eat something deliciously meaty in front of them.

5. Are damned if they do and damned if they don't

Vegans just can't win. They're constantly asked "what they do eat" by the rest of us carnivores, and then accused of preaching when they try to explain how many things can actually be considered vegan.

6. Will consider just about every trend

With every lifestyle choice comes various ways to go about sustaining them, and vegans are all for new trends. Eating nothing but bananas for dinner? Done.

7. Love their organic workshops/Form support groups

Veganism must be hard because they do appreciate a good get together to make crafts, share recipe ideas, and explore causes.

8. Are constantly on the look out for vegan recipes

If you are looking for some meat-less dishes to serve at your next BBQ, ask a vegan. They have a seriously extensive recipe catalog and absolutely love an opportunity to share them.

9. Become straight-up Tofu Ninjas

Your vegan friend has become a pro at transforming veggies and legumes into gourmet dishes that you could never tell were vegan. And the desserts!

10. Know every vegan take out in the city

Since the majority of society doesn't cater to the vegan crowd, they've mentally mapped out each and every vegan take out spot in the city because dammit, they don't always want to cook either.

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Photo cred - Crudessence

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