10 Thoughts Every Girl Has Before Going On A Tinder Date

Everyone knows that Tinder is not the place to look for that one special person, right? This app is advocating more of a "quantity over quality" mentality, if you know what I mean. I've heard so many horror Tinder date stories, that I can legit compile a whole book about it. In spite of this app's questionable reputation, Montreal girls still have faith and truly hope they can find a unicorn in a pile of fast food candidates. So here are ten thoughts every girl has before going on a Tinder date.

1. Is he a serial killer?

He could totally be one! Our date might be a preface to a murder mystery... I should probably stop thinking about it, because thoughts can materialize - law of attraction, bitch.

2. Will he look like his photos?

He looks hot in his pictures. Are they recent? Maybe they're from 10 years ago or something... What if he's overweight now? What if he has a weird 'stache?

3. Is it going to be another horrible Tinder date story?

Please god, don't let it be one of these dates again... I deserve to finally meet a nice guy after all my previous Tinder adventures.

4. Am I being catfished?

I don't even know if this guy is real. Maybe my ex is trying to prank me! That would be cruel. Should I call my ex? I definitely shouldn't.

5. Did I stalk him enough?

I've stalked him and his family, but I can't access his ex girlfriend's profile, dammit. Am I prettier than her?

6. Will I even like him?

I haven't genuinely liked anyone in ages, will he finally make me feel some type of way? He's funny over text, but I didn't even hear what his voice sounds like. He might sound constipated.

7. Should I double book?

Should I make other plans in case our date sucks? I'll look cute... Wouldn't want to waste flawless makeup and hair on a bad date.

8. Will we end up dating?

What if he's my future boyfriend? I need to remember our date today, so that in a couple of years, I can say things like, "Remember when we first met, you were wearing a white shirt"... I'm completely psycho.

9. What should I wear?

Should I wear a dress? No, a dress would be too much. He'll think I'm trying too hard. I'll just wear heels, red lipstick, tight jeans... Yep, that's my "effortless" look.

10. I probably shouldn't drink too much...

Last time I had too much to drink, I ended up making out with a guy I didn't even like that much and eating pepperoni pizza at 3 a.m. I should really try to behave this time.