10 Top Montreal Deps for Beer

Beer and convenience--what could be better?
10 Top Montreal Deps for Beer

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a summer job, living in Montreal can get expensive. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay the expensive prices in bars to get a decent brew. Here are the 10 Best Depanneurs for Beer.

Les Delires du Terroir

6406 Rue Saint-Hubert

If you’re looking to rep Quebec, this is the dep for you. The small Rosemount store exclusively carries beers brewed in the province. Despite the geographic limitation, they’ve amassed an impressive selection of brews ranging from wheat beers to stouts. If you want a meaty compliment to your beverage, stop by Le Queue de Cochon, the artesian butcher next door with some of the best sausages in the city.

Epicerie José inc.

470 Rue Duluth Est

Sometimes avoiding the bars isn’t enough—you need the cheapest stuff you can find. If that’s the case, stop by this dep for great deals on 6 packs and 12 packs on a regular basis. Even better, you won’t have to compromise with taste—these guys sell over 300 different brands of beer.

Super Marché Rahman

151 Avenue Laurier Oest

This dep is known as “Le Paradis de la Bière” for a reason. They carry over 500 kinds of delicious beer from around the world. For a special treat, try one of their unique Paradisiac beers, bottled at local breweries from in-house recipes.

Depanneur Bonisoir

2500 Rue Rachel Est

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is just a normal dep when you first walk in and see the cigarettes and gum. But keep going and you’ll find an amazing collection of local and imported beers, all organized by brewer. The knowledgable staff will help you to make sense of their intimidating collection.

Depanneur A.S.

5191 Boulevard St-Laurent

After you’ve picked up your Fairmount bagels, stop by this dep. They’re short on space and long on beer selection. Their aisles and fridges are densely packed with brews from around the globe. They focus mostly on artisanal beers, but you won’t have any trouble looking for that 40 of Molson you’re in the mood for, either.

Depanneur Lalime

6436 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

It’s not a bad idea to have some food in your stomach before you drink, and this dep’ll help you build up your tolerance in style. They compliment their extensive beer selection with tasty sandwiches like roast pork and brie paninis, garlic-rosemary chicken wraps, and a damn good bacon egg and cheese. At under $5 for every sandwich, you’ll still have plenty of money left to get drunk with.

Depanneur Simon Anthony

1349 Rue Beaubien Est

You won’t find much space to walk around here, and a big reason why is that their shelves and coolers are crammed beyond belief with delicious beers. Like Rahman, they’re also known as “Le Paradis de la Bière,” and it’s clear from the wide range of their selection that they’ve earned the name wholeheartedly. We won’t weigh in on who deserves the title more, and, thankfully, we can shop at both.

Depanneur Super La Cite

3575 Avenue du Parc

With the high cost of living in the Ghetto, you might not have too much money left after you pay your rent. If you still want to get drunk, though, this dep is here for you. They don’t boast the most interesting selection, but you’ll have no trouble finding a decent brew. You certainly can’t argue with how cheap and cold it is.

Epicerie Unique

4109 Boulevard St-Laurent

If you’re looking to get a little drunk and make your Schwarz’s sandwich taste that much better, stop by this dep. It’s not cheap, but they do carry a solid selection of craft beers from around the province. Don’t worry if you’re not yet well-versed in the many Quebec beers—the knowledgable owner will be happy to give you advice.


1570 Rue Fleury Est

Okay, you probably won’t find anything you haven’t heard of here, but you will find a good selection of local and other beers at reasonable prices. If you look hard enough, you might even find a beer that’s been discontinued by its bottler.

Where's your favorite dep to buy beer?

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