10 Travel Destinations Where The Canadian Dollar Is Surprisingly Strong

See the world while saving money!
10 Travel Destinations Where The Canadian Dollar Is Surprisingly Strong

If you can't already tell by the amount of articles I write on this subject, I love travelling. Everything about it is so amazing, immersing yourself into a whole new culture, exploring all the natural wonders a new country has to offer, and meeting amazing people along the way! 

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Travelling really is good for the soul, you learn new things along the way and discover what's really important to you. But unfortunately, spending months every year travelling just isn't possible for most of us, because it's so damn expensive!! 

It's just not feasible to travel all the time and still afford to live.. so looking for the best places to travel on a budget is super important. There's also tons of places right now where our Canadian dollars can go a super long way! 

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1. South Africa 

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1 CAD = 10.45 ZAR

Cheapest Meal: $9.50

Cheapest Beer: $2.50

South Africa is super affordable for Canadians and has been for a very long time. It is a little bit far to travel, but you're guaranteed an amazing trip that's totally affordable once you're there. This country is full of sprawling mountain peaks and massive sandy beaches on the ocean!

Visit Cape Town for Table Mountain National Park, museums and bustling city life!

2. Russia 

1 CAD = 46.86 RUB

Cheapest Meal: $10

Cheapest Beer: $1.71

Russia is a great travel destination if you're looking to go somewhere completely unique with a culture you really won't experience anywhere in the world. You can experience beautiful cobble stone streets, delicious cuisines (paired with shots of vodka of course), and giant historic buildings!

3. Japan 

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1 CAD = 87.41 JPY

Cheapest Meal: $11

Cheapest Beer: $5.50

Japan is an amazing travel destination filled with culture, great food, stunning natural attractions and bustling cities. Of course you'll have to visit Tokyo to get the full Japanese tourist experience but you should also see Mount Fuji, visit the monkey hot springs or go to the island where cats out-populate humans!

4. Iceland 

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1 CAD = 83.88 ISK

Cheapest Meal: $25

Cheapest Beer: $11

Iceland is considered a pretty expensive city to live in, compared to Canadian standards. Our Canadian dollar will get us a long way with the exchange rate but it might even out when you factor in the price of food, travel and hotels while you're there. But it's still a gorgeous place to visit and definitely should be experienced once in your life! Especially the Blue Lagoon natural spa!

5. Brazil 

1 CAD = 2.53 BRL

Cheapest Meal: $7

Cheapest Beer: $2

The exchange rate here isn't insanely impressive but what makes this trip so worth it is how cheap it is to stay there in general! Food and travel are both super affordable in central and South American countries, and the price to fly there isn't even that much! You'll get to experience this lively country through amazing food, crazy dance clubs, and gorgeous sandy beaches.

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6. Turkey 

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1 CAD = 2.76 TRY

Cheapest Meal: $7.25

Cheapest Beer: $5

This is the best place to travel if you want to get a mix of European and Middle Eastern culture in one! Visit the stunning Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia for amazing architecture, the amazing salt pools, and the amazing hot air balloons in the early morning hours.

7. New Zealand 

1 CAD = 1.10 NZD

Cheapest Meal: $13

Cheapest Beer: $7.50

New Zealand is known for it's amazing nature and you can clearly see why. This country is full of stunning waterfalls, towering volcanoes, glowing caves, and city life as well! Visit Auckland's Sky Tower to bungee jump from 192 meters above and visit the active White Island Volcano!

8. Argentina 

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1 CAD = 13.79 ARS

Cheapest Meal: $9

Cheapest Beer: $2.90

Argentina is a country full of culture, amazing night life and gorgeous natural attractions. You can spend your days enjoying delicious authentic foods, exploring stunning sights like the Iguaza Falls bordering Argentina and Brazil. Then on your nights out go out to a fun night club to learn some tango dancing!

9. Mexico

1 CAD = 14.26 MXN

Cheapest Meal: $6.20

Cheapest Beer: $1.75

Mexico is a super classic vacation destination because you get amazing beaches, tons of sun and sand, awesome local cuisines, and it's crazy affordable for Canadians. You'll have an awesome time soaking up all that good Vitamin C and eating some authentic guac and chips!

10. Denmark 

1 CAD = 4.97 DKK

Cheapest Meal: $14

Cheapest Beer: $8

This Scandinavian country is slightly more expensive than the rest, but the good exchange rate definitely makes up for it. Visit the Legoland resort of bright coloured buildings on the water, the gorgeous 16th-century Kronburg castle and more!

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