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10 Types Of Concordia University Students You See In The Library During Finals

#3 The study groups that do anything but study - and do it loudly.
10 Types Of Concordia University Students You See In The Library During Finals

Studying sucks, everyone knows it. It sucks even more when you have to deal with a bunch of annoying students who seem to be on a mission to prevent you from getting any work done. You came to the library for some peace and quiet but instead you find yourself surrounded by less than courteous individuals who are very good at ignoring other students’ needs for silence. Add in a vibrating cellphone and all hope is lost. You know them well and you've encountered them on more than one occasion, the dreaded 10 types of Concordia students you find lurking in the library’s free Wi-fi shadow.

1. The one sleeping through finals.

Look at him! Peacefully dreaming in slumber land, sneaking in a couple of snores here and there in-between the heavy breathing. He’s the type that’ll make you regret not buying the earplugs the night your roommate had loud sex – you could have used them now.

2. The one asking you to watch their stuff for 2 minutes – then takes an hour.

You’ve been writing that essay for a while now and the coffees you had in the morning are pressuring your bladder. The worst part? You can see him standing outside, carelessly smoking a cigarette with his buddy. Then he'll tell you he got stuck at the circulation desk. Oh, the resentment! You should have pretended to be asleep like the other dude.

Photo cred - Library hours

3. The study groups that do anything but study - and do it loudly.

It takes 6 to 8 people to forget about the study room reservation policy. It also takes all of them to remind you about how they’re having more fun right now, while you’re stuck reading Plato…alone.

4. The one who snuck food in and is now feasting.

What is that smell? Curry? Alfredo Sauce with a mixture of cigarette smoke off the leather jacket? And he has desert lined up too? As if that’s what you needed right now. That does it, time to change spots!

5. The couple using the library as a motel.

It started with them playing footsie. Then he moved to her side of the table, put his arm around her and the other gently up her shirt. I guess finals at Concordia really are about bonding. So much that watching them is like a free preview of Fifty Shades of Grey. Focus. Focus.

6. The one marathoning Game of Thrones.

He takes leisure time to a whole new level. You’ve been there for a couple of hours and ever since you sat down, he’s gone through quite a few episodes. At this point, you’re too afraid to ask how many. He makes people that marathon Lord of The Rings look like amateurs. How does he keep his grades up?

Photo cred - Frozen Children Graffiti

7. The pen-clickers/loud gum-chewers.

You understand that they’re probably zoning out and don’t even realize the nuisance they're creating but all you can hear, and all that is consuming your thoughts is click click click click click click click click. At perfect intervals. Maybe they do realize what they are doing. Evil does exist after all.

8. The one you swear woke up there.

The camper. Pajama pants, UGGs and hair up in a bun. She was there last night at 2 AM when you left and is here now at 9 AM. Did she go home? Did she even shower? You see her everywhere and never quite understand if her lair is the library or if your own sleep deprivation is making you hallucinate. Either way, that’s some impressive commitment on her part. Applause are in order.

Photo cred - Flickr

9. The one printing an entire book.

She’s not going to read the entire thing before finals. Why can’t she just select the important pages and print those. 350 pages at 2 pages/sec that’s...too much to handle. You’ll be hearing the printer noise long after it stops printing. What’s that called again? Oh yeah, PTSD.

10. The one actually studying.

She’s organized. Her things are neatly arranged on the desk, her laptop screen is showing only course work and no social media browsing. She also looks like she slept well. Minimal texting, however, her headphones are tightly locked in and she will not get distracted. Envious as you may be, that’s probably you, fighting through the distractions.

What other types of Concordia students have you seen around finals?

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