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10 Types Of Guys You Should Never Trust

No fvckboys please, thanks.
10 Types Of Guys You Should Never Trust

As a single Montreal girl, I meet a lot of different guys. Some are great, others not so great... I have to say though, overall, Montreal men are pretty decent. We are quite spoiled with quality material in our city.

Don't get too excited just yet. Some guys you meet might lure you into their seemingly perfect worlds and then turn out to be real assholes. Have no fear, girl, I got your back! There are a bunch of red flags that can totally help you realize that something is fishy. So here are 10 types of guys you should NEVER trust.

1. The Tinder guy

The two of you met on Tinder? Red flag. Most guys on Tinder are there for one thing only - booty. If you're comfortable with the idea of casual hookups, great! Otherwise, stay away from Tinder.

2. The "too serious too soon" guy

The guy who calls you his girlfriend after the first date or two clearly has some serious issues. Unless you want to actually help him and be his psychologist, there is no other valuable reason why you should continue seeing him.

3. The "send me your nudes" guy

A guy who asks for your nudes before the two of you even hooked up is actually a fuckboy, sorry. There are other signs that can help you spot a Montreal fuckboy, you can find them here. Stay alert.

4. The really handsome guy

If he's really ridiculously good looking, he might be obsessed with himself. Especially if he works as a model. Does he have way too many selfies on social media? Red flag. Like, if he's just blessed with good looks, but doesn't take himself too seriously and has a normal job - great. Otherwise, run, girl, run!

5. The guy who talks about his ex

If a guy keeps bringing up his ex, that's something you should never disregard. It's especially alarming if he tells you how his ex was a whore and how much he hates her now. Yikes! He's obviously very passionate about someone who's not you.

6. The smooth talker

NEVER trust a smooth talker! These guys can talk their way out of anything. When someone is sincerely interested in you, they get nervous and aren't able to put words together with you being around. If he's charming you with his witty comments, it's a trap, girl.

7. The guy who splits the bill on the first date

That's a really cheap move. If a guy is legitimately broke, he could've invited you for ice cream or a walk instead. Stay away from guys who let you split the bill on the first date.

8. The fashion icon guy

You might love the way he dresses, but these guys take themselves way too seriously. Think about it, if he can't leave the house without looking picture perfect, there's obviously a problem. When a guy's main concern is whether his tie matches his suit, it's definitely not the type of guy you want to end up with.

9. The "too busy" guy

You've had a few amazing dates and now you're dying to see him again, but he pulls the, "Sorry, I'm really busy." excuse. He's just not that into you, unfortunately. Stop wasting your time and move on. A guy who wants to see you will always find a way to see you, no matter how busy he is.

10. The party guy

Yes, sure, the two of you might have a lot of fun partying... but! If he's out every single weekend, his priorities are obviously to pop bottles and fuck bitches. If you happen to approve of this #yolo mentality, then you should totally go for it. Otherwise, keep looking for your prince charming and save this guy's number for when you want to let loose and get a little wild.

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