10 Types Of Montreal Drunk Guys You All Know

Drinking has long been a favoured pastime for humans, lubricating our social interactions since the dawn of time, and generally excelling a moderately good time to even higher levels of fun. Whether it's a simple night out on the town,  a relative's wedding reception, or the holiday office party, everyone's best friend/worst enemy, alcohol, invariably elevates and enhances every possible situation.

For better or worse, alcohol is responsible for some of life's most amusing adventures, but one of its more compelling characteristics is the innate ability to reveal a person's often dormant, but in actual fact, dominant personality. Now we already know what girls can be like when they've had a few, but we tend to overlook that guys too can be generalized and stereotyped into categories that may or may not be representative of reality.

That said, the next time you're out with your buds for a boozy-good time, keep an eye out for these classic personality types out in the crowd. You may even be one of them yourself (gasp).