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10 Types Of Montrealers Who Are Annoying As Fvck

OMFG stop!!!
10 Types Of Montrealers Who Are Annoying As Fvck

Wednesday after a long Thanksgiving weekend totally feels like a Tuesday which makes it the perfect occasion to bitch about random things in Montreal. Weather is super bipolar right now and it makes us angry and upset. We're sleepy and unsatisfied with pretty much everything. So here's your daily dose of "What really grinds my gears" (Family Guy reference). Now let's shake our heads in disbelief at how annoying certain Montrealers are.

1. Anyone who's obsessed with crossfit/HIIT training

I get it, you're into fitness. "OMG, have you heard of HIIT training?" - yes, I have and I know that it's changed your life. No, I won't try crossfit. K, thanks.

2. Cab drivers who want to talk about life

Unless it's 2a.m. and I'm drunk, please do not talk to me about the meaning of life or things I need to change about myself to be a better person.

3. Hockey fans

They're usually very loud, they smell like beer and obsess over men who make more money in one hour than they make in a year.

4. Vegans

How do you know someone is vegan? They fucking tell you. At least ten times. They will also tell you about all of the documentaries they've watched and roll their eyes if you order steak... "Because red meat is literally the worst!"

5. Girls who come back from a semester abroad

They'll say things like, "OMG, Montreal is so boring! I miss Rome and eating gelato on Piazza di Linguine... People dress so nice there. Men are so much more handsome in Italy. I'm like dying here #takemeback"

6. Cyclists

Cyclists think they're invincible. They will ride their bikes in snow storms and cut car drivers off like they run this city. Or when the city closes every single street for "Tour de l'Ile"... just great.

7. Bloggers ;)

Ugh, they write their bullshit blog posts nobody cares about and annoy everyone with their mere existence.

8. Coworkers who microwave fish

If we could all go ahead and stop microwaving fish when there are other coworkers around, that would be great.

9. People who take two seats in the metro

They're usually teenagers who put their back packs next to them and also stretch their feet over the seat in front not giving a single fuck.

10. People who post way too many baby photos

Couples who are way too excited with their newborns and are documenting every single move of their baby. "Look, it's our little boy's first fart" - please stop.

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