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10 Underrated Documentaries On Netflix Canada

A list of things to watch if you have not already.
10 Underrated Documentaries On Netflix Canada

I have a soft spot for nature documentaries, and I worked my way through Netflix's repertoire pretty fast. Once I watched all of the nature documentaries, I moved on to serial killers and doomsday preppers.

I am mentioning this just to say that I am now a self-proclaimed Netflix Canada documentary expert. And I would like to share some of the best, most underrated ones.

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TL;DR Read on for a list of the most underrated documentaries on Netflix right now.

One Strange Rock

Will Smith narrates this series, which explores the strange and complex planet we live on. He interviews a bunch of NASA astronauts about their experiences in outer space and how this has shaped their perception of the world.

These unique experiences are told in tandem with the show's explorations of phenomena such as genesis, cosmic violence, human intelligence and alien life, oxygen, and survival vs. destruction. The show will make you question everything while making you feel small compared to the grand scheme of things. It's a must-watch.

Doomsday Preppers

This quirky show follows people who are preparing for the worst: the end of the world. The docuseries interviews so-called "doomsday preppers." The preppers are all preparing for different doomsday disasters, from apocalyptic scenarios of extreme climate to financial collapse and nuclear war. It's highly addictive, and pretty hilarious.

Whether you want to learn how to prepare for the worst or just want to laugh at those who are, you'll definitely enjoy this show.

Trigger Warning With Killer Mike

The show is hosted by Grammy-winning rapper Killer Mike, who makes up half of the group "Run the Jewels." He explores racial inequalities and other issues that black Americans face in the United States. He does so in a brash, frank, and entertaining way.

You'll walk away from this 6-part docuseries both more informed and thoroughly entertained.


This BBC docuseries explores life in all of its different forms, from insects to animals to plants. It looks at the different, creative ways in which life has adapted and overcome challenges.

The plant episode in particular is trippy. It speeds up the growth of plants and looks at their various defense mechanisms. I never realised how truly alive plants were before this show.

Blue Planet II

The BBC Earth series are actually all excellent, but I think that this one is often overlooked. Blue Planet looks at, well, our blue planet in all of its forms. From rivers and lakes to the vast oceans, the documentary takes a detailed look at water and the creatures that inhabit it.

I mention Blue Planet II in particular because their "Deep Ocean" episode is MIND BLOWING. The divers capture beautiful shots of bioluminescent fish that live deep in the world's oceans.

World War 2 In Colour

This show takes a detailed look at World War II: both its well-known events and stuff that passed under the radar. The show shares never-before-seen footage and testimonies, along with photos and recently released documents.

The documentary is colourised, and this is surprisignly effective at conjuring up emotion. The people and events in the documentary don't seem so far removed when they are not in black and white.

Evil Genius

This chilling docuseries explores the robbery-gone-wrong that took place in August 2003 in Erie, Pennsylvania. The four-episode docuseries sets out to prove that, though the case was solved, there is more to the conspiracy and murder than what was previously thought.

This may not be for the fainthearted amongst you, but if you have a taste for true-crime shows you'll definitely enjoy this.

Cooking On High

This show is probably the most entertaining cooking show on Netflix right now. The cooking competition focuses on professional marijuana chefs who concoct elaborate, weed-infused concoctions.

What makes the show great, however, are the guest judges. The judges are by no means food critics, and they care more about getting high than they do about the food they are eating. All of the chefs get ridiculously high scores.

Dirty Money

Dirty money unveils a world of financial fraud, scandal, and corruption. The six episodes look at the greed of the wealthy, and the lengths people will go to get richer.

They spend a whole episode on the infamous 'Maple Syrup Heist,' which is definitely worth a watch. They also dedicate an episode to Trump's days as a businessman, and the drama and shady deals he engaged in.

Period. End of Sentence.

This documentary looks at the women fighting the stigma behind menstruation and sanitary products in India. The short, 25-minute documentary is lighthearted, fun, and intelligent, but it also packs a lot of emotion in a brief period of time.

If you're looking to be inspired and awed by the strength and resilience of activists, look no further.

Grab some popcorn, cozy up under a blanket, and get ready to learn new things with these awesome documentaries.

If you have any suggestions for other underrated documentaries I am all ears!

Explore these documentaries on Netflix here!

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