10 Unique Ways Montrealers Can Celebrate A Birthday In The City

Birthdays come but once a year so make them extra special.

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Lots of birthdays are coming up in the next few months and we want to make sure you don`t end up in the same old routine of eating cake, and then going out to the same old bar you usually go to. We want to give you a few ideas to change things up, and do something a bit different. To help you visualize them, we`ve put together a list of different places you can go, and different things you can do to celebrate your birthday this year.

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Have dinner on a naked plate at Naked Sushi

Laval, Website

Guys, this one`s for you. It`s a little more costly, but this experience is like no other. At Body Sushi, you`ll get to have a private room for you and 9 friends, while enjoying a 3 course meal on a naked woman. The restaurant is a 5 star and the meal lasts 3 hours. Before the meal, the models take a bath with a special frangrance-free soap and finish with a splash of cold water to chill their body. This is no joke, the models are actually trained to lie down perfectly still for a long period of time in order to work at a body sushi restaurant.

Have a private concert for you and your guests at Cabaret Underworld

1403 St-Elizabeth, Website

Did you know you could rent out Cabaret Underworld for a night? Invite all your friends, your favorite band, and get ready for the biggest party you`ve ever thrown. For 400$ on week nights or 500$ on weekends, you can book the entire Cabaret for you and your guests. If each guest pays only 5$, with 80 people you`ll be able to have a private concert for you and the gang.

Relax at Bota Bota

358 rue de la Commune ouest, Website

Want a more relaxed birthday? Bota Bota is where you`ll want to be. This old ferry built in the 50`s was revamped as a spa. With 40 types of services and 138 nail polish colours, you`ll be able to get exactly what you want. Invite a few friends and enjoy facials and a massage on this floating Montreal spa.

Rent a few tables on the terrace at Abreuvoir

403, rue Ontario Est, Website

Soon enough you`ll be able to go on the outside terrace and have a few drinks. The chill environment is perfect for a laid-back kind of birthday. You can reserve a section at the bar without a problem and without spending a dollar. However, if you plan on bringing 50 of your friends and want to reserve a huge section of the bar, you`ll have to pay.

Go on a night cruise with Croisières AML

1, rue de la Commune, Website

Why not go all out for your birthday and take a little trip around Montreal on a cruise ship? With Croisières AML you can reserve a boat for an evening and have a big party with a DJ, a bar, and lots of people. If this sounds amazing, but you don`t have enough money to rent the entire ship? Buy tickets to attend one of their planned parties which are usually from 12am to 3am.

Head west and go rafting with Montreal Rafting in LaSalle

8912 boul. LaSalle Québec, Facebook Page

Feeling adventurous? Go water rafting at LaSalle. Going out on a boat, and crashing into big waves may not sound like a good time, but trust me, it is. This experience will give you an adrenaline rush and leave you wanting more. Tickets are 45$ per adult, or 38$ with a group of 12 people or more. You can also go jet boating for 55$ per adult, or 47$, again, with a group of 12 people or more.

 Hangout in Apt. 200`s living room

3643 St-Laurent Apt. 200, Facebook Page

Appartement 200 is not your typical bar. Instead of having a bunch of table and chairs to hangout, Apt. 200 has different rooms in which you can sit down and have a few drinks. It`s designed like an apartment, with a dining table, a living room, and even a bedroom. It would be a great location for a birthday party, but if you want to make sure to get in, you should reserve! Normally, you and your guests have to order drinks for a minimum of 30$ each if you want to reserve a section or a few tables.

Win big at the Casino de Montréal

1 Avenue du Casino, Website

Feeling lucky? Head to the Montreal Casino to see if you can win some extra cash. Have a few drinks, win some money, and act like big shots. This is a good place to start the night before hitting the bars, but if you`re lucky enough to hit the jackpot, you`ll be able to take it to the next level and go to Las Vegas for the rest of your birthday celebration.

Experience dining in the dark at O.NOIR

1631 Rue Sainte-Catherine, Website

Hey! Who turned the lights off? At O.NOIR there are no lights! The concept of the restaurant comes from a blind pastor that used to blindfold his guests at home, so they could experience the food like he did. Focusing on the food and your company is a lot easier when you don`t have other distractions. Here, you`ll be able to have really good conversations with your friends and appreciate every bite.

When all else fails have a House Party

When we think of birthdays, we usually think of going out, but staying in can be just as fun. When you invite your big group of friends, and they all invite their friends, you`ve got yourself a pretty big party. Make sure your neighbors won`t call the cops on you and you`re good to go! A few games of beer pong later, you`ve got yourself an awesome party. And a few bottles later, you`ve got yourself the best house party (and hangover) of the year.

How will you be celebrating your birthday?

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