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10 Unspoken Rules Every Montreal Girl Should Follow

Sisters before misters.
10 Unspoken Rules Every Montreal Girl Should Follow

I’ve always said – female solidarity should be a thing. Think about it, it would make our lives so much easier if we had each others backs all the time. We would literally say “I got 99 problems, but a bitch ain’t one”. Right? “Girl code” should become as big as “bro code”. Instead of always competing with one another, we could join forces and win at life instead. So here are 10 rules every Montreal female should live by to make our cruel world a better place.

1. Don’t ever date your friend’s ex

Never ever! Even if your friend just casually hooked up with a guy, that dude is now off limits for you. It's common sense. Would you want your friend to hook up with your ex? If you answer something like, "I don't care", you're lying. You care and you don't want that to happen. Stay away from your friend's exes.

2. Always be there for a girl in need

Your friend got drunk and is now a hot mess?You take care of her. A random girl in a public bathroom needs a tampon? Help a sister out. A weird dude is hitting on a girl you don't know and is making her uncomfortable? Pretend you're her lesbian lover and save the situation. Girls should always help other girls out.

3. No talking about friends behind their backs

Do not EVER discuss your friend's struggles, issues, weight, love life, etc. when they're not around. That's not cool.

4. Don’t date married guys

Just don't, ok? He has a wife, think about her. Would you want to be in her shoes? No. We're all sisters, remember that.

5. Don’t ever flirt with your friend’s boyfriend

Your friend's boyfriend should never be your object of desire. If he is, then you're a really bad person and shouldn't have any friends. There are 7.1 billion people in the world and you want to hook up with your friend's boyfriend? Just no.

6. Always “Like” every single photo your friends post

A real girlfriend likes every selfie, profile photo, random quote and status... Any social media update should be on your radar if you want your friendship to last.

7. Never fight over a guy

Girls before bros!Also, if you meet a new guy, never cancel your plans with the girls for him. Guys come and go (sometimes literally), your girls are with you for life.

8. You can’t be friends with someone your friend doesn’t like

If your friend hates a girl, you better hate that girl too.

9. Do not reveal your friend’s secrets under any circumstance

One of the worst friendship crimes is to reveal your friend's secrets. If your friend asked you to "not tell anyone" - you do NOT tell anyone, capisce?

10. You can’t ever let your friend leave with a fuckboy

Not sure what a fuckboy is?Check out this article. If your friend is drunk and wants to go home with a dude who's clearly not a nice guy, it's your duty to stop this disaster from happening. Come up with some BS excuse, drag her out of the club - do whatever needs to be done to save her from regretting her decisions the next morning.

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